Why DataGrid’s Token Sale Will Change the Game

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Why DataGrid’s Token Sale Will Change the Game
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Through its sharding-based approach, DataGrid Blockchain will become the first blockchain to be appealing to consumers globally, regardless of which device they are using to connect to the internet.

Standing out as a token sale in the ever-competitive cryptocurrency space requires an innovative project to back it up and one with steep ambitions to boot. DataGrid Blockchain checks all of these boxes and more, as the team wants to bring a hyper scaling blockchain – that will keep growing more versatile as internet speeds improve – to market.

DGT Token Sale Is Live

Anyone who is interested in DataGrid Blockchain by this short introduction may want to make their way over to the Blockpass platform and get whitelisted as quickly as possible before the token sale comes to a close on February 13, 2021. Tokens are available for a price of $0.005 each.

Time is of the essence when new token sales like this one pop up, although there is an option to get in on the action at a viable price even when the token sale comes to and, with the help of DeFi platform Balancer. Tokens will unlock three months after the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool comes to an end, incentivizing investors to look at DGT as a long-term investment, rather than something to sell immediately for a profit without paying attention to the project’s fundamentals.

During the DataGrid Blockchain token sale, the current objective is to reach the soft cap of $6 million or go for the hard cap at $25 million, neither of which are out of reach or overvaluing the project in the slightest. Investors can contribute all of the funds raised in Ethereum, and token sale participants are the only ones eligible for token bonuses of up to 20% depending on the amount of money they contribute during this DGT Community presale.

Following the token sale, DataGrid Blockchain will launch a Liquidity Bootstrap Pool on the Balancer platform to weed out any bot traders, whales, or other individuals who want to try and create market pressure for financial gain without giving traders a fair chance of investing at the current price. Any attempt to make significant purchases during the Liquidity Bootstrap Pool’s duration will immediately trigger a DGT price decrease to counter the demand and disincentivize whales and bots accordingly.

The other purpose of this Liquidity Bootstrap Pool is to allow for those who did not participate in the Community Presale to place their bids on DGT tokens and acquire them at a price that seems fair to them, depending on how the community votes on this outcome. This process will last for 96 hours, which should be more than sufficient for onlookers to put in their price for DGT tokens they aim to acquire, after which the DGT token will launch on other DeFi pools to create more momentum and increase the appeal of DataGrid Blockchain.

Hyper Scaling Expertise Is Crucial

The vision by DataGrid Blockchain is very bold, but it is certainly attainable thanks to the multiple decades of experience team members have after working for hyper scaling-oriented companies such as Oracle and Microsoft. This knowledge and expertise will be put to good use and help establish the only blockchain capable of achieving hyper scaling and benefiting from the overall increase in global internet speeds.

Through its sharding-based approach, DataGrid Blockchain will become the first – and so far only – blockchain to be appealing to consumers globally, regardless of which device they are using to connect to the internet. Both broadband internet and mobile data speeds are getting better all across the world, allowing for this blockchain to scale beyond anything that was even considered possible up until now.

Holders of the DGT token – acquired through the Community presale or the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool – will reap the benefits of this ever-growing and evolving blockchain ecosystem that can accommodate a wide variety of needs, including governance, voting, disrupting traditional finance, RegTech, and much more. As DataGrid Blockchain can scale beyond what any other private or public blockchain has been capable of so far, there is ample room for growth and unlocking new use cases across many different industries, all of which can bring value to DGT token holders.

It is refreshing to see a blockchain project that not only promises to scale adequately but also has the team members to back up claims that may otherwise seem outlandish to onlookers. Compared to current public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, DataGrid Blockchain focuses on providing infrastructure to those who are not involved nor interested in cryptocurrencies per se but rather targets every civilian on this planet who wants to enjoy modern and digital services or products.

Read up on the Technical and Commercial Whitepapers or visit the DGBLabs website to get whitelisted and participate in the presale today!

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