DATOSPHERE Is The Fastest Growing Global Platforms United in a Single Ecosystem

Place/Date: - March 26th, 2018 at 3:23 pm UTC · 3 min read

Datosphere is creating a revolution in payment solutions for online entertainment. It works under the concept of ‘multi-connected marketing’, which refers to a series of decentralized platforms where the user can bet on his favorite team, play in online casinos, change cryptocurrencies in the exchange house of the project and exchange assets and services in the marketplace of the platform.

At the same time, it is developing Block-U, an online university where blockchain programming will be taught, the creation of Initial Currency Offers (ICO) and the fundamental and technical analysis of elements such as intelligent contracts.

This set of decentralized platforms will be called Datosphere and the official circulation token will be the DATOCOIN (DTCN). The first project of the Datosphere Ecosystem is Betup.io, a sports betting house, with a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can use. Based on UX and UI studies (User Experience and User Interface) follows the philosophy of intuitive and natural use. This project offers the possibility for users to interact wherever they are.

The front-end is encoded using Angular, a Google framework that has the backing of all your experience. The back-end or administrative interface is based on PHP 7 and MySql on powerful redundant servers, fully tested in terms of security, stability and speed.

During the first 6 months of Betup’s life, 10 DTCNs will be given away that can be used in the sports betting platform. To claim these DTCN, the user simply must register on the official page. The platform will have a referral system that will reward you for reaching goals: if you affiliate 10 people you will get 80 DTCN, for example. However, this affiliation system will only last for 6 months to guarantee the overcrowding of the project; therefore, after completing the 6 months will not be given bonuses for membership in Betup.

On the other hand, the ecosphere Datosphere will add before the end of June the online educational academy (Block-U), in which the user will learn things such as the realization of cryptocurrency mining, trading, arbitration, ICO, smart contracts and how to create them and blockchain programming. In the academy you will find various online tutors willing 24 hours a day to advise the user. At the end of each module, Datosphere will send an approval certificate. Block-U will be affordable for anyone at a very low price and the only means of payment will be the DATOCOIN.

This token can be purchased in Etherdelta at a price of approximately 0.07 USD. It has a circulation maximum of 50 million DTCN, and after completing the ICO phase, the token will be incorporated into major exchange houses such as Livecoin, Coinexchange, Tidex and Cryptopia.

David Gomez continues to report that they have received the support of the Asian and European community, just one week after launching the project. Regarding Latin America, he points out that they have also received support, although to a lesser degree, by making a call in which as a community we should unite and support projects born in Latin America that have great potential for the continent.
It concludes by announcing that major sporting events are approaching that will leverage Betup.io to the next level, and that it will be successful before, during and after the 2018 World Cup in Russia.