David Bowie Estate Announces Bowie-Inspired NFTs Launching Next Week

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David Bowie Estate Announces Bowie-Inspired NFTs Launching Next Week
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It appears that Bowie’s fans are not impressed with this NFT project.

Six years after his demise, David Bowie is still making headlines with the latest on his upcoming non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The David Bowie estate is launching NFTs with popular marketplace OpenSea on the 13th of September. OpenSea announced in a tweet that “David Bowie’s undying influence will impact yet another frontier” as the NFTs launch next week in celebration of his legacy.

David Bowie NFTs to Launch on OpenSea

Under the “Bowie on the Blockchain” NFT release, nine different visual artists have worked earnestly to produce NFTs inspired by the English singer-songwriter and actor. Also, the plan is to direct all proceeds from the NFT sale to CARE, a non-profit organization striving to fight hunger and poverty globally. Notably, the star was married to supermodel Iman, who was a popular global CARE supporter. Iman also serves as the first-ever Global Advocate for Care. The organization was founded in 1945, and it targets women and girls. CARE worked in more than 100 countries last year. During the period, it impacted over 90 million people via 1,300 projects. Artist manager Andrew D. Keller’s company, We Love the Arts, and director Joaquin Acrich both contributed to Bowie’s initiative.

OpenSea vice president of business development Ryan Foutty spoke about the NFT release inspired by David Bowie. He stated:

“David Bowie is an icon and a trailblazer in every way, and we’re honored to partner with his team to bring his legacy into web3. This incredible collection brings together some of the most groundbreaking NFT artists with Bowie artifacts to bring a new generation of fans together in web3.”

The vice president added that the nine NFT artists are uniquely paying homage to the legend. Foutty also said that the artists respect Bowie’s influence across their artistic and personal identities. These top NFT artists include Fedaces, FEWOCiOUS, Glam Beckett, and Jake. Others are Jonathan Wolfe, Lirona, Nadya Tolokonnikova of PussyRiot, Osinachi, and Young & Sick.

Bowie’s Fans React to NFT Initiative

However, it appears that Bowie’s fans are not impressed with the Bowie-inspired NFT project. A Twitter user pleaded, “no- don’t ruin Bowie’s legacy like this,” while another said, “I’m going to literally scream.”

One of the contributors to the NFT initiative, Keller, said David Bowie impacted his life artistry. Nothing his honor in being able to guide the project, he continued:

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with the Bowie Estate as well as this group of artists, all of whom I have immense respect for. I hope that this collection we have created simultaneously serves to record the ethos of Bowie On The Blockchain, as well as spotlight a widely talented group of artists and an exciting new space for the arts.”

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