DCEC, Create a New Community Ecological Value

Place/Date: - May 13th, 2022 at 3:13 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Parallel Cex

DCEC, Create a New Community Ecological Value

On May 8, DCEC, a cryptocurrency sufficient to affect the ecology of the global digital economy, launched in Pancakeswap. As a community ecological digital currency, DCEC emerges with its own top traffic. 

DCEC is born for the community. It is created by the community and hopes to realize the concept of community through autonomy. It will link all kinds of hot markets and implement community development plans. 

The first plan of DCEC is to launch in DEX and empower each other. The launch in Pancakeswap also marks DCEC’s formal link to the global decentralized digital asset trading market, realize free trading and create greater flow value; the second plan of DCEC is to build a Metaverse business ecosystem. DCEC is building a bridge from the real world to Metaverse step by step, which can make all parts of the Metaverse business ecology interconnected and integrated through DCEC. More plans of DCEC will come from community participants’ joint exploration of future hot markets, with wide application prospects. 

For the early investors of DCEC, DCEC preferred them in terms of framework design and income mechanism. The holders of DCEC not only enjoy cash dividends, but also enjoy the short-term and long-term benefits brought by the appreciation of DCEC. If investors want to further expand their income and increase their coin holding amount, they can also obtain the corresponding mining calculation power through sharing and promotion, so as to obtain the promotion income. 

For a digital currency, the yield is an important indicator to measure its quality, while the yield of DCEC is mainly guaranteed through two mechanisms, namely destruction mechanism and deflation mechanism. The total amount of DCEC issued is 52 billion coins, of which 26 billion coins will be destroyed immediately; Global partners hold 13 billion coins, and its position will be locked; At the same time, 13 billion coins will be launched globally and purchased fairly, 2% of the transfer points of 6% of its transaction transfer will be automatically destroyed, and finally limit deflation to 21 million coins, thus continuously improving its space of value increase. 

The new deflation mechanism of DECE is also very effective in ensuring the rate of return of currency. When the price of DCEC is at the extreme value, that is, too high or too low, it will automatically trigger the price stabilization mechanism to control the circulation and price of DCEC, bringing stable income to all users and the secondary market. 

DCEC has always adhered to the plan of sustainable development and implemented the real blockchain spirit from the aspects of production relations, social development, economic system, industrial innovation and business model. We believe that a fair and just governance mechanism in the community will also attract more and more community participants to build and share.

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DCEC Contract Address: 0x104c44b05b4d57cf3b0f85c3ea2a09dcc588706d