Decentralized Database Bluzelle Confirms 15 Day Countdown To Mainnet Launch

January 19th, 2021 at 1:41 pm UTC · 3 min read

Decentralized Database Bluzelle Confirms 15 Day Countdown To Mainnet Launch

Decentralized data network Bluzelle has confirmed the launch of its mainnet will take place on February 3. The debut of the Bluzelle network will mark the arrival of decentralized storage that can operate at massive scale, with super low latency, and with industry-changing anti-censorship features.

Bluzelle enables dApps on any blockchain to securely store their data without having to rely on centralized data centers. Its production mainnet is a hard fork from the soft mainnet, meaning that users who have been interacting with the latter can easily switch to and stake in the former — all existing accounts are being ported over transparently

Following the launch of Bluzelle mainnet, work will continue with Polkadot integration, making Bluzelle interoperable with a whole universe of other blockchains. Bluzelle is bringing decentralized database capabilities to projects building on Polkadot’s Substrate framework, enabling dApps to store and access their data in a decentralized fashion. To date, Bluzelle’s partners in the Polkadot ecosystem have included Equilibrium, MANTRA DAO, and Phala Network. Bluzelle’s database services will become available on both the Polkadot mainnet and its test-network counterpart, Kusama. Both the Polkadot DOT token and Kusama KSM tokens will be usable to pay for Bluzelle services.

The release of the Bluzelle mainnet follows the success of two incentivized testnets last July (Swarm of Duty 1) and December (Swarm of Duty 2) in which its network was stress-tested and battle tested for bugs, weaknesses, etc. Notably, Bluzelle set industry records with 200+ validators choosing to participate in these testnets.

The decentralized database service also launched a soft mainnet in August which has now surpassed 2 million blocks and attracted extensive participation from the Bluzelle community. The mainnet is already being used by several teams keen on building real applications that can benefit from Bluzelle’s database.

Powered by Cosmos and its BFT Tendermint consensus engine, Bluzelle is a delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) blockchain with the capability to process 10,000 transactions per second and interoperate across any chain. It will also include massive horizontal scaling of the network’s storage capacity, with the addition of multiple “sibling” blockchains (called zones) spanning different geographies worldwide, all interconnected via a Bluzelle “Hub” blockchain. These zones will enable Bluzelle’s TPS to increase multifold, but equally importantly, enable Bluzelle’s storage capacity to scale to virtually no limits.

The next phase of Bluzelle’s development, following mainnet launch, will see the evolution of Bluzelle’s industry-first next-generation Oracles and the expansion of its developer grant program. Unique to Bluzelle, these oracles will be baked directly into the blockchain, and use a multi-layer mathematical filtering process to provide oracle data feeds that are superior in accuracy and integrity to anything that is currently available.

About Bluzelle

Powered by a Byzantine fault-tolerant cluster of blockchains customized specifically for database operations, Bluzelle is a decentralized database for Web3. Its advanced data delivery network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network failures and performance troubles. Bluzelle effectively serves as an “Airbnb of databases,” with developers paying for storage space and read/write access to the decentralized database. Secure, tamper-proof, censorship-proof, and highly scalable, Bluzelle is in the process of developing data feeds and oracles for the next phase of its evolution to help bring about a faster and more secure internet.


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