Gaming Is All About Experience and Amalgamation with Blockchain Enhances That, Says Bluzelle’s Pavel Bains

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Gaming Is All About Experience and Amalgamation with Blockchain Enhances That, Says Bluzelle’s Pavel Bains
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Pavel Bains believes that the best way to onboard mass users to blockchain gaming is to start small and grow organically.

Gaming has always been a popular pastime, and with the advent of blockchain technology, it has become even more immersive and engaging. According to Pavel Bains, co-founder of Bluzelle and a seasoned gaming industry veteran, the amalgamation of gaming and blockchain technology has enhanced the overall gaming experience. Bains has worked with some of the biggest gaming giants, like Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts, and his experience in the industry is unparalleled.

In this interview, Bains shares his thoughts on the shift from Web2 gaming brands to Web3, the future of blockchain gaming, and Bluzelle’s vision for the next few years. He also discusses the potential of blockchain gaming to onboard mass users in Web3 and what early builders in the gaming space should focus on. Bains’ insights provide valuable information for anyone interested in the gaming industry and the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize it.

Your experience working with gaming giants like EA and Disney is phenomenal. Do you see a paradigm shift from Web2 gaming brands to Web3?

Bains: Web 2 gaming brands have been dominant for a long time and will continue to do so. However, we will see new gaming brands emerge in the Web3 space, just like what happened with social media and mobile gaming. Console-based game brands needed help to keep up with the changing landscape of social and mobile gaming, which led to the rise of new gaming brands like Zynga and Supercell. Similarly, we expect to see new Web3 gaming brands emerge as technology evolves.

How did you get involved with Bluzelle, and how do you envision the company shaping in the next few years?

Bains: I co-founded Bluzelle with my CTO, Neeraj. He envisioned a decentralized future requiring decentralized storage, and we have been building Bluzelle with that vision. Over the next few years, we envision Bluzelle becoming a web3 game publisher, much like what Supercell did for mobile games. We are adapting to the industry’s changing landscape and recognize the importance of consumer products, especially with the rise of NFTs and game assets. With our background in gaming, we are well-positioned to create a GameFi chain, which will be a significant player in the web3 gaming space.

Currently, Cosmos is DeFi-focused, enabling applications to solve for financial services. Where do you see blockchain gaming obtaining traction?

Bains: DeFi has been an excellent start for Cosmos, as it has brought in existing users and new ones who want to do more within the Cosmos ecosystem. NFTs and gaming are two segments that users are interested in and can provide significant traction. Blockchain gaming will gain significant momentum in the coming years, especially as technology evolves and developers create new and innovative games.

What do you want to achieve by launching Bluzelle as a Cosmos App Chain?

Bains: We see Cosmos as a growing ecosystem over the next few years, and Bluzelle can play a significant role in the gaming space within that ecosystem. By launching Bluzelle as a Cosmos App Chain, we can provide a secure and decentralized database for game assets and NFTs, which will be in high demand.

The market is bearish, but will blockchain gaming gain momentum? What are your thoughts on blockchain gaming onboarding mass users in Web3?

Bains: Blockchain technology is unique in that it often starts with either zero users or a mass influx of users. However, the best way to onboard mass users to blockchain gaming is to start small and grow organically. We can expand and onboard new users by building a strong community and providing value to users. It is essential to focus first on building a great product rather than trying to attract users with hype.

We heard about Gamma 4. How is this gaming project unique from the existing players in the space?

Bains: What sets Gamma 4 apart from other players in the gaming industry is that our game is designed to be fun. Unlike many existing games that prioritize features and functionality over user experience, gaming should be enjoyable first and foremost. With Gamma 4, we’re leveraging our expertise in the gaming industry to create a game that people will want to play.

What advice would you like to give early builders building in the gaming space?

Bains: If you’re an early builder looking to break into the gaming industry, I advise you to gain experience building games in a medium-sized or large development studio. Only rush into Web3 gaming after first understanding what it takes to make fun and engaging games. Games are content, and content is driven by talent. This isn’t just tech that you can outsource or hack. It’s like making a movie; hard work and money won’t solve the problem if your script writer is substandard and the director isn’t talented. 

In conclusion, the interview with Pavel Bains, co-founder of Bluzelle, has provided valuable insights into the exciting world of blockchain gaming. Bains’ previous experience working with gaming giants and his vision for a decentralized future led to Bluzelle’s innovative approach to GameFi. With NFTs and game assets being stored on Bluzelle, the company’s background in gaming allows for expertise in creating an ecosystem for Web3 gaming. It will be interesting to see how Bluzelle continues to disrupt the industry and how they create unique experiences for gamers in the future.

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