Decentralized Medical Platform Patientory Starts Demos at HIMSS 2018 Conference in Las Vegas

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Decentralized Medical Platform Patientory Starts Demos at HIMSS 2018 Conference in Las Vegas
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Blockchain-based healthcare platform Patientory presents at HIMSS18 with its demo, which integrates information connecting doctors, care providers, and consumers.

Medical data theft is becoming a lucrative sector for hackers as more and more people exploit the information for nefarious designs. No other field is as sensitive and vulnerable to data theft and misinformation as the medical industry.

Medical records are often hacked but at the same time people don’t have any other alternative since the integration and universal availability of data is so important for doctors. Blockchain Technology is often viewed as the missing link in making medical records secure and available for a user or doctor to view at any time without worrying about prying eyes of hackers.

Healthcare data not only involves a person’s medical history but also crucial details like social security number, credit card details, physical appearance and key bits of information that can lead to identity theft and fraud, so the importance of making medical data secure cannot be understated.

Patientory is one of the latest efforts to create a platform that integrates the information for doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients using the decentralized ledger technology that is blockchain. The platform is currently testing its demo version in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, a massive medical conference in Las Vegas that is taking place during March 5-9 this year.

Using Blockchain to Secure Medical Data

While the concept itself is not rocket science, a successful implementation of the Patientory platform could be a revolutionary advancement in medical Information technology.

Patientory uses blockchain to store medical data and allows patients to become in charge of their own healthcare by taking care of all unnecessary roadblocks and cutting out all layers and processes that are currently interfering care coordination process. Patient-physician confidentiality is a top priority for the developers of the integrated medical system and they have used the distributed ledger technology to revolutionize the way doctors and patients interact and gain access to information to eventually bring a useful effect .

Patientory CEO and Founder Chrissa McFarlane shared her enthusiasm in companies presence at the upcoming conference, stating:

“We are thrilled to participate in HIMSS, to demo Patientory Core: Part 1 and continue our global mission to transform healthcare and provide a solution that supports better healthcare outcomes through improved data access and management.”

HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition

The HIMSS is an annual medical conference that brings together over 45,000 medical professionals, researchers and innovators from around the world. It is an industry-leading conference that is a great event to showcase new medical products.

It is conducted by a not-for-profit company registered in Chicago, Illinois, that specializes in leveraging futuristic technology to world leaders and market syndicates. Patientory is banking on the buzz generated from this potentially successful outing to further the appeal of an important product like theirs.

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