Tokenized Commodities: Decentralized Swaps in Gold, Oil and Metals on MetalSwap

August 22nd, 2022 at 3:26 pm UTC · 4 min read

MetalSwap, a multi-chain protocol that seeks to promote trade between producers and traders with fewer participants in the process, is emerging as an opportunity for those who operate in commodities.

Metals such as gold, lithium, iron, oil and other raw materials in global demand and available on the major stock markets of the world are being made affordable through this protocol, safely using blockchain technology and without the cumbersome procedures of the bureaucracy of traditional finance.

These procedures became a selective way of excluding investors with minority capital and without recognized financial backing, allowing a few players to dominate the metals and raw materials market, creating monopolistic multinationals for the exploitation, production and marketing of certain metals.

With MetalSwap this is no longer a problem; anyone from anywhere in the world can access the platform and operate safely and without trading restrictions. By providing traders the advantage of having access to a multi-million dollar market through a multi-chain platform offering tokenized assets in gold, oil or iron, MetalSwap is a unique platform in the industry.

MetalSwap has a native token called XTM, which is obtained through DeFi platforms such as UniSwap, either through the Ethereum or Polygon network; or the BNB Smart Chain through PancakeSwap, enabling access to commodity pair trading in the ecosystem.

Tokenized Commodities: Decentralized Swaps in Gold, Oil and Metals on MetalSwap

Trading commodities in Metalswap will allow trading with tokenized assets that are updated at real market prices through decentralized oracles. An advantage of participating in a decentralized multi-chain protocol like this is the certainty that only the DAO can, through a unanimous vote, change the course of the platform, and does not depend, as usually happens, on a select group of companies or people who change the rules of the game according to what benefits them.

Trading commodities such as iron with MetalSwap is possible, because its protocol has been designed for those interested in trading in the gigantic commodities market, in an inclusive, transparent and secure manner through smart contracts.

In addition, the expansion of MetalSwap through the inclusion of CEXes with the intention of lowering operating costs in commodity investments, sales and transactions, and providing the reliability of operating through networks, reaffirms the spirit of always being in search of benefits for the trader-operator and not of the market operator.

In addition to this, MetalSwap is incorporating audits into the network and the system to continue guaranteeing that the operation of the protocol is reliable.

These features are an added value to the protocol, since at MetalSwap we know that security is fundamental for all the actors in the protocol, turning our attention to the security of the platforms and more efficient  ways to carry out operations; nobody wants to interact with a platform that lacks security means to ensure the protection of operations and funds.

Tokenized Commodities: Decentralized Swaps in Gold, Oil and Metals on MetalSwap

We remain faithful to fulfilling our planned roadmap to grow and advance this project further, and here is a unique addition to the DeFi ecosystem: on MetalSwap, a complete collection of NFTs will be launched that, unlike on other platforms or protocols, the price of these assets will be minted to a certain amount of XTM token, which guarantees two things: on the one hand, the liquidity of the market and, on the other, the price of the assets, thus preventing the NFT from being devalued through the deflationary process, as has happened on other platforms.

About MetalSwap

MetalSwap is the decentralized and evolved exchange solution. Through a set of smart contracts, initially deployed on the Ethereum main chain, we are going to make it possible to execute swaps without the need for intermediaries, at reduced costs and without time restrictions. From traditional financial functions to a new digital LEGO-Money brick!

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