The Deep Introduces First Decentralized Virtual Reality World with Upcoming Token Crowdsale

October 8th, 2017 at 6:41 am UTC · 4 min read

The Deep, a democratically run decentralized VR world is ready to launch its first crowdsale.

Adding to the list of market disruptors, a technologically savvy team behind The Deep is thrilled to announce its upcoming Pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Not only is The Deep the first democratically governed world of its kind within the virtual reality space, but the first to fully operate on a uniquely architected decentralized platform of it’s kind.

Entering a Thriving Space

The virtual world and reality market is one of if not the hottest pieces of technology out there, with the potential to appeal to the masses if done right. should adoption reach medium thresholds. Additionally, to its highly anticipated rise, AR and VR technology is said to have a general economic impact of over $15bn USD worldwide.

By penetrating such a prosperous growing environment, The Deep has reached a time of technological advancements which allows the creation of a seamless product. The combination of decentralized technologies with AR and VR has been highly anticipated by enthusiasts and experts for some years – Vijay Michalik, an accomplished Analyst at Frost & Sullivan said:

“The Virtual Reality dreams of William Gibson, Ernest Cline and Neal Stephenson are no longer purely in the realm of fiction. Blockchain technologies represent an opportunity to rethink the data and financial infrastructure of the emergent economic systems this new borderless technology could represent. Adding decentralization and resilience to the mix will help us avoid the dystopian futures in favor of the utopian.”

Michalik’s valid point touches on an almost untouched gap in the market, soon to be filled by The Deep’s vision.

The Deep Token Sale are launching a five stage crowdfund with a generously tiered token bonus structure along the way. With the Official Pre-ICO Token Sale starting on the 15th September, Stage 1 early-adopters will benefit from a 150% Token Bonus upon participation. With no soft cap limit, the Pre-ICO hard cap is 4000 Ethers. During the 5 stages of the Pre-ICO, a total of 30,000,000 Deep Tokens will be claimable by contributors, amounting to a total equivalent of 30m plots of land within The Deep. Following a successful Pre-ICO, Deep Tokens will be placed on participating exchanges, thus users will be able to move around their Deep Coins smoothly.

With one of the first unlimited contribution periods, The Deep are offering enthusiasts a stress-free way of coming on board. The official ICO will start in Summer 2018 once the Deep Alpha is developed and ready. By participating via the Pre-ICO, users can ensure themselves 150% more virtual land in a liberating world of new era virtual economy. Due to no mining and limited supply, early backers are bound to feel opportunistic about future demand of Deep Tokes.

Stage two bonuses will be rewarded at a respective 90%, followed by 50% at stage three, 30% at stage four with a flat token price at stage five.

About The Deep

The Deep aims to revolutionize the ever-growing space of virtual words by launching a truly bespoke decentralized platform. Users of the Deep will be able to have a personal stake in one of the world’s first established crypto commodities in the form of virtual land. Bringing the first decentralized open world forth, The Deep will use an open source graphics approach using primitives, to bring a breathtaking VR experience to life. Users will be able to use their purchase piece of land to exchange services, communicate, play games or simply live out long wished for fantasies. A new virtual economy will form due to mass adoption of the platform, creating new pathways of real life value business. Behind the revolutionary platform, distributed voting power will ensure a healthy virtual economy amongst its users.

The Deep Token will be distributed following a successful upcoming crowdfund. Players and users will be able to purchase valuable virtual land with an exchange rate of 1×1 plot for 1 Deep Token. Due to a fixed supply of deep tokens, increasing demand is inevitable – for this reason in-game Deep Gold is the chosen currency to use for purchases, service exchange or however users wish to spend their hard-earned gold. The total number of distributable tokens is 100,000,000.


Andrey Seregin

[email protected]

Disclaimer: The Deep is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.