Deloitte Wants to Help Enterprises Showcase Tech With Their ‘Blockchain in a Box’

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Deloitte Wants to Help Enterprises Showcase Tech With Their ‘Blockchain in a Box’
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Deloitte has announced its new solution dubbed “Blockchain in a box”, which is a plug-and-play product designed for enterprises to showcase their blockchain solutions.

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and also the world’s major professional services network. The company has recently come out with their solution for enterprises on how to showcase their new blockchain ideas that the world should know about. This is a completely new way of how to present ideas to clients and is completely different from the traditional slideware-based demonstrations. 

“[BIAB] helps to demystify blockchain and is a refreshing and well-grounded approach versus traditional slideware-based demonstrations,” commented the principal at Deloitte, Chih-Wei Yi.

Blockchain In A Box, basically, is a plug-and-play mobile unit which is packed with four built-in nodes and several monitors. The monitors then can be linked to such external services as cloud-based systems. This makes it easier for companies to present their new blockchain solutions to clients. They just simply need to plug in their SD cards and load the project on to the system. BIAB “facilitates rapid selection and exchange of demo solutions tailored to specific client needs,” says Deloitte.

“Deloitte custom built this solution based on client interest in understanding blockchain capabilities in live interactions. What’s often misunderstood about blockchain is that it is an entirety of a technology solution – when in reality, it’s a technology component that enables larger business applications and approaches. Our mobile demonstration is practical, tactical and most importantly, tangible to clients,” explained Linda Pawczuk, the principal at Deloitte Consulting and U.S. blockchain lead.

The company claims that the product itself has yet already been tested by several clients and also, it has been showcased in various crypto conferences around the world.

“Each time we have used the BIAB to facilitate exploration, the reaction is that of curiosity and excitement where the audience leaves with a deeper understanding of blockchain and how the use cases are implemented,” said Chih-Wei Yi.

Earlier this year, Deloitte conducted their annual Global Blockchain Survey. This survey revealed that blockchain companies and blockchain itself are still viewed as a top priority for firms to look into either investment-wise and implementation-wise. The survey showed that 83% of the respondents are considering use cases for blockchain in their companies, and 53% responded that blockchain has become a critical priority for their company this year. That is a 10% increase when looking over the last year’s results. 

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