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DENcoin Uplifts E-Commerce and Referral Platforms with DenMart

May 13th, 2019 at 9:47 am UTC · 3 min read

DENcoin Uplifts E-Commerce and Referral Platforms with DenMart

Digital currencies and cashless transactions have taken the world by storm. The wave of digital payments has made transactions faster, reliable and stress-free across the globe. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and their underlying technology are among the trending topics of discussion in the world. In a world pacing towards decentralization using the blockchain technology, digital currencies are marking their dominance in most of the industries including the e-commerce industry.

However, e-commerce sites today, face some major problems such as diminishing trust of customers, financial losses due to returns and refunds, and a need to provide exceptional customer support.

Amidst various blockchain-based projects trying to make their mark in their industry, bringing products with unique use-cases, DENcoin is introducing a brand-new digital payment system. It is a utility token that links buyers, sellers and investors in the Denmart marketplace.

The token is based on the ERC-20 algorithm, built to be a stable form of payment on the DEN (Diamond Empire Network) platform and subsequently in the global market. The mission of the project is to uplift e-commerce and referral platforms by facilitating direct interaction between customers and investors through the use of DENcoin and the DENmart marketplace.

The DENmart marketplace will enable users to create an online store with the most advanced technologies in the e-commerce sector. The users will have an option to pay for the goods and services on the platform using DENcoin, Fiat currency or a range of stable cryptocurrencies. The platform is focused on providing opportunities to small scale manufacturers, retailers, entrepreneurs, family and other businesses along with a 24-hour customer support service.

With the parent company being based out of Africa, DENcoin has been created to uplift and empower the masses through a modern network marketing strategy. The platform’s native currency serves the following functions:

  • Lower costs of goods and services on DENmart and offers can be availed with DENcoin.
  • Payment for E-Pins at a lower cost, mobile recharge or top-ups or payment for utility bills.
  • Payment for online store subscriptions and global delivery.
  • DENcoin can be sold to buyers or sellers on the platform.
  • The token can be exchanged for Fiat currency.
  • It can also be traded on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or sold to DEN INT’L at the current cash value.

DENcoin smartly eliminates the middlemen on the DENmart platform using the blockchain technology, thereby, making the user experience a seamless one. The transactions on the platform are faster and more reliable as compared to any conventional systems. Moreover, there is no fee charged for any purchase transactions. With a remarkable concept and a well-defined business model, DENcoin aims at recapturing the trust of customers in online retail and e-commerce.



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