Devcon2: Microsoft Delivers Version 1 of of Blockchain-based Project Bletchley

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Devcon2: Microsoft Delivers Version 1 of of Blockchain-based Project Bletchley

The program manager of Microsoft Azure’s blockchain engineering team, Marley Gray, has announced the initiative that will let customers to use fabric for building blockchain apps.

Microsoft has released a new version of the consortium blockchain template for Azure during the ethereum’s developer conference in Shanghai. Called Microsoft Project Bletchley, the template will enable users to build private consortium Ethereum networks from a handful of nodes to 100s of nodes in the network.

Microsoft says the software, first presented in June, will reduce the process of setting up a consortium Ethereum network from three weeks to just 5-8 minutes and eight questions. So instead of devoting much time on building an infrastructure, users will be able to concentrate on their core business processes.

“At a high level, the template provisions and configures a subnet of mining nodes for each consortium member and a set of load-balanced transaction nodes that members can share to communicate with the network,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Through the administrator web page, you can configure additional Ethereum accounts to get started with smart contract and eventually application development.”

In addition, the company gave more details about Cryptlets, which are the key building blocks of Microsoft Project Bletchley.  Cryptlets are the components that can be built in any language to address certain functions while building blockchain-based applications. They provide developers with the ability to provide data privacy, interoperability, secure execution and integration into existing system.

“They will be discoverable within developer, architect, and business process modeling tools for easy use and can be created with an SDK to expose your own logic for reuse and sale,” the company noted.

Microsoft Project Bletchley will use Microsoft Azure’s global foothold to provide hyper-scale execution platform, what will help in developing apps on blockchain platforms.

Microsoft Identity System

In June, Microsoft announced a project that will help to solve the problems of the physical world. The company partnered with Blockstack Labs and ConsenSys to design a blockchain-based identity platform.

The announcement was made at the ID2020 conference in New York, which brought together UN members, private companies, and government agencies. The participants acknowledged the need to address the problem of identity. According to Microsoft, one-fifth of the world’s population lack proper identification. The new system will allow people, products, and services to interoperate across blockchains.

Partnership With Rolls Royce

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a partnership with Rolls Royce that will be able to provide a more efficient support of intelligent engines of the current and next generation. Under the agreement, Rolls Royce will integrate Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite into its service solutions. By using Azure IoT Suite, airlines will be able to improve their operational performance and increase fuel efficiency.

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