DEXFIN Exchange Launched a Unique IEO Pre-Sale of VICTORIA VR Photorealistic Virtual Reality

Place/Date: - January 28th, 2021 at 2:02 pm UTC · 4 min read

Our world is an amazing one. Over the years, it has continuously evolved from a manual-intensive world to a world that is now more dependent on the internet. This is mostly thanks to the newer and innovative technologies that are entirely erasing the boundaries of everything. However, regardless of these innovations, as humans, we remain limited, very limited. We are limited by physics laws, our body, by time, and a host of other limiting factors.

The New Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Looking at the current challenges that have placed the world on its knees, the unending lockdown, the downturn economic system, and the pandemic that have made human interactions almost impossible, we all would agree that we need a fresh approach to our reality. Institutions and individuals have begun running after photorealistic virtual reality to solve some of these challenges in no time. This is because, with virtual realities, we can create new “real situations” and possibilities for ourselves. Virtual reality presents a world where the only limitation we face is only our imagination and our creativity level.

The virtual reality market, though relatively new, is however thriving, and it is expected to beat the $70B mark by 2024. One reason for this level of progress is the expected advancement made when blockchain technologies and other innovative ideas and technologies are incorporated into its use. With the above in mind, we understand why VICTORIA VR is a pioneer in this field, especially with its groundbreaking effort to change virtual reality from what we know it to be.

VICTORIA VR Connecting All Other VR Platforms

VICTORIA VR is an innovative platform that makes use of blockchain to connect all other virtual reality platforms. It has been designed so that it would birth the virtual revolution that many have predicted for eons. Its lifelike photorealistic graphics and its innovative approach to virtual reality are going to change how we understand the industry.

To put it in simple terms, VICTORIA VR is looking to maximize the use of blockchain technology by providing its users with access to a decentralized virtual world that is a first of its kind.

Users would have access to an essential feature on the platform – the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) virtual world, where photorealistic graphics would be on the blockchain. These users would then have access to mining the VR cryptocurrency through their use and performing other activities on the blockchain-powered platform.

VR Lands, Projects, Assets, Games, and More

This means that they would be able to trade lands and build projects that might be Internet-connected, and at the same time, they would be able to create new assets while also exploring an ecosystem filled with content created by other creative minds. To top it all, the platform also allows users to carry out varying tasks and unwind by playing games on the platform.

Since VICTORIA VR is a DaAO, it means that users of the platform would have complete control over the rules and regulations that would guide the platform’s operation. It also means that by staking the native token of the platform or actively taking part in the community activities, a user is opening himself up to earning more rewards. Another advantage of VICTORIA VR is that it offers a passive income rate of 20% per year from only staking.

Pre-Sale of VR Token

Presently, interested investors would find the VR token on the DEXFIN Exchange currently available for pre-sale. The token has a finite number of supplies, which has been pegged at 168 billion. However, only 78 billion of these tokens would be available during pre-sale. The remaining tokens would be used as rewards for future users of the platform.

In conclusion, Victoria VR wants to help its users bring their most secret wishes to fruition. With its cutting-edge technology, the firm wants every man to live his dream, and with its photorealistic platform, it is just a few clicks always.