Dfinity’s Internet Computer Launches DSCVR DApp Social Platform

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Dfinity’s Internet Computer Launches DSCVR DApp Social Platform
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DSCVR will join other decentralized platforms on the Internet Computer that have been launched recently.

The Internet Computer network unveiled another decentralized platform to enable free internet dubbed DSCVR. The company described DSCVR as the first completely decentralized social platform running on the Internet Computer. Additionally, Dfinity noted that the DSCVR social platform will feel like an open Reddit.

Notably, the Internet Computer (ICP) token, which is the native coin used in the Internet Computer network, was up approximately 6.7% in the past 24-hours according to market analytics provided by CoinGecko. The ICP coin was trading around $150.06, ranked among the top digital assets with its market capitalization of around $18.7 billion.

DSCVR Dapp and Internet Computer Project

Dfinity’s Internet Computer project is working towards a decentralized Internet platform that gives every user a chance to control personal data. Additionally, the data will be provided on blockchain technology thus an assurance of some level of privacy and data integrity.

Nonetheless, the endeavor might not be a straightforward concept as the existing centralized internet companies have been established in decades. Furthermore, the amount of traffic per day runs in millions of users.

However, Dfinity Foundation has been preparing for entry for the past few years, and so far so good the project has amassed a huge following. With the project running on a decentralized blockchain network and having a mechanism of incentivizing the users through the ICP token, the project is poised for greater success in years to come.

The Internet Computer is backed by notable cryptocurrency investors and firms including exchanges where the ICP token can be exchanged. Some of the crypto firms that have shown support for the ICP project include Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

DSCVR will be joining other decentralized platforms on the Internet Computer that were launched recently. The ecosystem anticipates providing a one-stop destination for all matters with accessing the world information in a community governed fashion.

By empowering the community through system governance, Dfinity’s Internet Computer will ensure only the most accepted and popular changes come into play. Otherwise, it might be risking losing the user base to other platforms.

The project is enhancing the current web 2 to the long-awaited Web 3.0 that promises to tap on artificial intelligence technology and now blockchain technology to build a trustless infrastructure.

According to a developer deeply involved with Dfinity’s ICP, the new DSCVR Dapp is an inspiring platform on the Internet Computer. Further, he noted that the DSCVR social platform requires no password to sign up as it utilizes the phone lock.

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