Donocle Lottery Holds Its Presale Event

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Donocle Lottery Holds Its Presale Event
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Donocle is a blockchain-based global lottery that allows its users to track their earnings and payment flows.

At the current moment there is a wide range of lottery projects to take part in. Nevertheless, a blockchain-based global lottery known as Donocle is definitely set apart from other similar projects and we will tell why.

What is Donocle

Donocle is a global lottery project. Its name represents itself a combination of two words “donate” and “circle”. Part of players’ earnings, that they get buying tokens and playing lotteries, is allocated for the Donocle Foundation.

Winners receive the balance money that gets back into the system. As a result, a cycle is created. In such a scheme, all the funds that are received via donations will be directed elsewhere in an open manner.

While thanks to the use of Open Data Flow Technology that provides users with a possibility to track their earnings and payment flows, transparency and fairness are considered to be the main features of the platform, there are some other benefits. For example, Donocle has very low commission charges which definitely attract a lot of players.

Lottery Market Conditions

According to the data provided by TechNavio, the volume of the global lottery market will achieve USD 367 billion by 2019. While today its growth rate is approximately 3.13%, experts believe that it will hit 22% in 2022.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that currently the industry is not protected from cyber criminals and online fraud.  But Donocle has found a way to reduce these risks.

Increased Level of Safety

With a view to protect its users from fraud, Donocle has built its services within the blockchain domain. Blockchain technology adds more transparency to the entire process and enhances verification procedures. All participants of the system can check and double-check the contacts.

Users have a possibility to buy Donocle tokens and coins and use them to participate in the lottery without having any worries about potential fraud. 50 different types of tokens and coins can be used to take part in the Donocle global lottery project. Users also can exchange their tokens with cash if needed.

How to Join the Donocle Project

To become a participant of the Donocle Project, it is enough to buy tokens which is quite an easy procedure. To do it, it is necessary to create a Donocle account and to open a wallet.

One token is traded for 0.0001 BTC. The same way the price of one Donocle ticket is linked to the prices of ETH, XRP, LTC, MIB and DON. One Donocle ticket can be also purchased for 10,000 Satoshi.

The platform also offers its users to get benefits from Donocle Airdrop. It lets users keep their funds in the Proof-of-Stake system and get stable returns.

Currently, Donocle Network has its ICO alive. The ICO started on October 8 and will last till January 31. Till November 28, participants of the presale event will have  a chance to get significant bonuses from 20% to 100%.

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