Drama NFT Is Coming with 10,000 Digital Arts and Allowing People Be Part of Mr. X-Hong’s Future Drama Metaverse

January 28th, 2022 at 9:00 am UTC · 3 min read

Drama NFT has an initial collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, algorithmically generated on Blockchain. The project developers include a pioneer name in the interior designing industry, Mr. X-Hong.

The World of NFTS

NFT is an irreplaceable token. Each token is unique. Unlike bitcoins which are fungible, an NFT can be traded with other unique NFTs. The future belongs to NFTs. Incidentally, the drama-themed NFTs proliferated, and people love it. The Drama NFT club is filled with adorable NFTs, each intricately designed.

Drama NFT Club Benefits

Drama NFT Club offers exclusive membership to the owners of NFT, which has many benefits. It is a member-owned club allowing members to participate in the development and suggestions of future drama IP commercial output. Drama NFT Club members are prioritized to own Drama Nft and the perks of mysterious top brand co-branded products purchase rights. Members have the exclusivity of obtaining offline co-branded products for free.

Drama Meta Universe

The future metaverse of Drama NFTs will allow owners to perform land transactions. Own a property. Owners with their unique owned Drama NFT will be able to unlock different virtual world application permissions and jointly release trendy products with the world’s top brands. All this and much more!

Drama NFT and Moroz Meta

Moroz Meta powers the technical team behind Drama NFT. A reliable blockchain technology R & D team founded Moroz meta. They provide ongoing professional technical support for developing Drama NFT’s metaverse globe and virtual world, as well as a new virtual scene exploration and life game mode for players.

Drama NFT Future

Mr. X-Hong envisions a fully functional metaverse virtual world. NFTs will act as the key to entering the Drama NFT metaverse. The 3D virtual universe will provide NFT holders with a fair and open economy backed by the Blockchain. With each unique NFT, holders will be guaranteed to have individuality

Man Behind Drama NFT

X-Hong, Rocky, and Vicky jointly own drama NFT projects. Mr. X-Hong is a popular name in the Chinese Interior Designing Industry. His list of achievements is endless. Mr. X-Hong, whose full name is Hong Zhongxuan, is the designer of the top floor clubhouse of the Burj Khalifa Hotel in Dubai and the Michelin series of state banquet restaurants in the United States. For his outstanding services and dedication, he was selected as one of the “Global Outstanding Youth” in 2017. He was also honored with “California State Honour Award.”

About Drama NFT, he confidently shared:

“We believe digital arts like NFT booming can be life-changing experiences that let every artist realize their full potential. We’re driven by our belief to create a top-tier digital collectible where you can fulfill your art dreams or open a door of digital identity in the metaverse.”

About Drama NFT

Drama NFT is a project by Mr. X-Hong in collaboration with Moroz Meta. In addition to a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs DRAMA, it has a feature of obtaining land transaction vouchers that can be applied to the virtual world of X-hong in the future.


Drama Team

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