DTE Token Airdrop: Earn 262 Tokens on ByTrade – Limited Time Offer!

August 8th, 2023 at 7:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

Drive To Earn (DTE), a platform at the forefront of decentralised technology, blockchain, and IoT innovations, announces the launch of its much-anticipated DTE Airdrop and IEO on the ByTrade, a leading futures trading platform.

During this momentous occasion, DTE is distributing a total of 524,000 $DTE Tokens in the Airdrop, making it a golden opportunity for participants to get their hands on free tokens. The maximum participation cap is set at 2,000 people; each participant can claim up to 262 $DTE Tokens.

How Can I Receive My $DTE Tokens for Free?

To receive your free tokens, follow these three steps:

  • Step 1: Register or log in to ByTrade (by clicking here) and enter your ByTrade UID.

Get your User ID by following the guidelines in the image.

DTE Token Airdrop: Earn 262 Tokens on ByTrade — Limited Time Offer!
  • Step 2: Increase your chances of accessing the airdrop by completing the ByTrade KYC process! (Optional)

Click here to complete your KYC.

  • Step 3: Join DTE Telegram Chat  👉 here

Note: If you have already joined the DTE Telegram Chat, click ‘submit’ and await the team’s decision on your application. If you have completed all the airdrop steps, you will receive your free DTE tokens.

Act Now and Claim Your Tokens!

We are excited to announce that the IEO for DTE will be held on the following schedule:

  • Stage 1 : 15:00(UTC), 10th August — 15:00(UTC), 17th August
  • Stage 2 : 15:00(UTC), 17th August — 03:00(UTC), 24th, September
  • Stage 3 : 15:00(UTC), 24th August — 03:00(UTC), 31th, September

The IEO price is as follows:

  • 1 Stage : 1 DTE = $0.006$
  • 2 Stage : 1 DTE = $0.007$
  • 3 Stage : 1 DTE = $0.008$
  • Listing Price : $0.015$

We look forward to your participation in the IEO!

About Drive to Earn (DTE)

Drive To Earn (DTE) is a pioneering platform that merges decentralised technology, blockchain, and IoT to provide innovative solutions in the digital payment ecosystem. With a focus on economic freedom and growth opportunities, DTE aims to empower its community and shape the future of decentralised finance.

Connect with Drive To Earn (DTE) via: Official Website, Official Channel, and Official Chat Group.

About ByTrade

ByTrade is the web3 ecosystem that is providing the greatest opportunities to its community through its exchange, offering its users opportunities to participate in IEOs and Airdrops of tokens launched for the first time to the market.

Through its community-based token, ByTrade empowers BTT Holders via exclusive rewards, accesses, Airdrops, etc. As a leading futures trading platform, ByTrade gives traders the opportunity to trade in the safest, most affordable way, and to participate in competitions with great prizes.

Follow ByTrade on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram chat, Telegram channel, and Linktree.

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