Duolingo Reportedly Developing Music App

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Duolingo Reportedly Developing Music App
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Currently, Duolingo is looking for a Learning Scientist for Music. The role suggests collaborating cross-functionally to develop a research-informed app for teaching music.

Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ: DUOL), the Pittsburgh-based technology company behind the language learning platform that enables users to learn languages online, is reportedly working on a music app. In order to facilitate the development process, the company has opened two music-related jobs.

Duolingo Music App Plans

Currently, Duolingo is looking for a Learning Scientist for Music. The role suggests collaborating cross-functionally to develop a research-informed app for teaching music that is “fun, fast-paced, and emphasizes learning by doing,” as well as ensuring that the app is well-grounded in learning science by transforming research findings into ideas that can be realized within the Duolingo product requirements. The perfect candidate combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience and has a degree in music education, music theory, educational psychology, or any related field. Experience in music production is a great advantage.

Earlier, Duolingo was also looking for a Music Composition and Curricular Consultant to suggest music that is congruous with the Duolingo concepts. Applications for this position are no longer accepted.

Music is a useful and effective tool in learning a language since it aids the process of memorizing new words, phrases, and sentences within a real-life context. Besides, singing words and phrases in a foreign language makes them easier to remember. Today, with so many different genres of music to choose from and each language typically having its own unique spin on common genres such as rock, or rap, it is easy to find what is suitable for you.

Obviously, the music app from Duolingo has a high chance to succeeding. However, it is not yet clear how it will function. It might be teaching users how to write music, play music, read music, or all the above.

About Duolingo

Duolingo started its history back in 2011 when it launched its private beta and accumulated a waiting list of more than 300,000 people. The app was quickly gaining traction, and by July 2013, it had grown to 5 million users and was rated the top free education app in the Google Play store. In 2018, Duolingo surpassed 300 million registered users. Next year, it was included in Forbes’ list of Next Billion-Dollar Startups. And it actually became a billion-dollar company. Duolingo had a few funding rounds, one of the biggest ones was the Series F round that brought as much as $30 million to Alphabet’s investment division CapitalG and took Duolingo’s valuation to $1.5 billion.

In 2021, Duolingo went public on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol DUOL.

During the pandemic, Duolingo was one of those who took advantage of people staying at home. At that time, the company launched Duolingo ABC, the free app for kids to learn how to read. Its other products include Duolingo Math (an app that aims to teach math) and Duolingo English Test which is considered by 17 of the top 20 universities as proof of proficiency.

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