Dynasty Global Issues an Innovative Token Referenced to Real Estate, the D¥NS

June 28th, 2021 at 12:19 pm UTC · 3 min read

Dynasty Global Investment (AG) is a Swiss-based company established in the Crypto Valley Founded in 2016, the firm intends to disrupt legacy and crypto markets by uniting real estate and crypto.

Through the use of ERC-20 Token, the D¥NS, Dynasty Global will combine the digital and real worlds to let investments and settlements move freely across boundaries.

D¥NS is a transactional payment token with global acceptance and with reference on real estate.

This development comes at a time when most investors yearn for a solution that combines the tangible and the virtual worlds through a dynamic virtual currency. Dynasty Global understands that the new generations embrace investment models that are accessible to all.

Because of its exclusive features and its reference to real estate, D¥NS token will have more utility and will deliver multiple benefits to its holders. With this token, the future of crypto looks bright for investors who want a token referenced to tangible assets in the real world.

The key highlights of this token include:

  • Real estate- referenced investments: D¥NS has reference on real estate market which brings more solidity and credibility to the crypto world.
  • First class Swiss AG Company: Dynasty Global Investment AG was founded in 2016 and it is situated in the Crypto Valley, Switzerland, an important location in the world for blockchain technology. The company’s aim is to disrupt the crypto ecosystem by uniting crypto and real estate worlds.
  • Serious regulatory environment: Dynasty Global places high importance on the safety of its ecosystem. It’s in this regard that it embraces well-established Know Your Customer (KYC) approaches meant to mitigate the risk of scamming and money laundering incidents. It observes the KYC regulatory framework developed in Basel in 1988.
  • Minimal Bureaucracy and Fees: Potential token buyers may shirk projects because of unnecessary bureaucracy and a high cost of performing transactions. In view of these limiting factors, Dynasty Global aims to minimize bureaucracy and transaction fees.
  • Buy Back & Burn: The token buyer can’t claim rights to Dynasty’s real estate portfolio. The income revenues from the real estate investment will be used to buy back the token and burn them. The aim of this strategy is to reduce the amount of coins in circulation and therefore increase token scarcity.
  • Smart contract developed on Ethereum platform: The smart contract uses ERC20 standard and token holders can buy, trade, and exchange coins supported by the network.

How D¥NS will Handle Inflation

D¥NS took out a leaf from Bitcoin’s playbook centered on scarcity. D¥NS has its total market supply capped at 21 million tokens which have already been issued, however the tokens will be released in four tranches of 5,250,000 tokens per year, starting now in 2021.

How D¥NS Is Different From Bitcoin

The majority of the funds raised in the token sales will be used to acquire ultra-premium real estate assets, which have been cherry-picked by experts in the real estate realm. The income revenues coming from the real estate properties will be used to buy back D¥NS from the market and burn them, thereby increasing scarcity and removing them out of circulation. Dynasty has just bought his first top-notch real estate property in one of the most prestigious financial centres in Latin America, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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