E-sports Game ‘Beyond The Void’ to Launch World’s First MOBA Gaming ICO

October 24th, 2016 at 9:17 pm UTC · 4 min read

Beyond the Void has joined OpenLedger and announced the launch of their ICO crowdfund starting on Tuesday, November 1 in a Forbes article yesterday. With this ICO Beyond the Void will officially compete for the world’s $20 billion MOBA market. Key things to know:

  • Beyond The Void is launching world’s first MOBA game ICO crowdfund on November 1, 2016.
  • Beyond The Void is pegging nearly all in-game items to Ethereum blockchain tokens, meaning players will own and operate the game economy as they wish.
  • Beyond The Void is launching an ICO in partnership with the crowdfunding group OpenLedger with their Nexium token. Nexium are designed to be burned upon use, so they will get increasingly scarce over time.

Beyond The Void, a new RTS-MOBA game, is about to storm the gaming industry backed by an initial coin offering (ICO) and ethereum blockchain tokens. This free-to-play game wants to be the first competitive real-time strategy (RTS) multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) to combine a blockchain based ICO with a blockchain token economy.

Their vision? To create a next generation game culture where players own the ecosystem as much as the developers. That’s why they’ve launched the world’s first MOBA ICO. To create value for investors their ICO tokens, called Nexium, will be steadily burned over time. This will make Nexium increasingly scarce. As the player base grows the price of Nexium and that of blockchain assets will grow with it.

The game is designed to be extremely competitive between players to feed the growing e-sports space. Although the Nexium tokens, ethereum blockchain assets, and player owned economy all create paths for Beyond The Void to generate revenue, the game itself will be free-to-play. Maxence Burgel, Founder at Beyond The Void, described the game this way:

“The game is designed to be competitive and playable in E-sport tournaments. We believe players should pay because they like the game and they have fun playing it. We don’t want people to have to pay in order to enjoy the game.“

Beyond The Void hopes to pull additional players in with a player driven economy, where buyable items are both owned and traded at will by the players. By giving the players total control over their assets they will create a whole new set of economic opportunities for players and the developers alike.

Beyond the Void is entering the rapidly growing MOBA space with hopes to disrupt the centralized economy model of genre leviathans like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. MOBAs generated over $406 million in revenue in North America in 2014 and were projected to reach over $501 million in 2015 according to research firm EEDAR. That’s a dramatic 23% growth rate. Meanwhile the gaming data firm Superdata estimates that the worldwide size of the global MOBA market is $20 billion in 2016, up 13% from 2015 with over half of the industry concentrated in East Asia.

Beyond The Void hopes to change the way these gamers think about their relationship with the in-game economy. By giving players blockchain based assets that they control, a free and open gaming market may grow. Beyond The Void hopes these player assets and wider market will invest players into the growth of the community long term.

The OpenLedger decentralized conglomerate supported Beyond the Void ICO is set to start on November 1st 2016. On November 1st it will be possible to order Nexium, not only from the official website, but alo directly on ccedk.com via the ICO subscribe option in the section ‘ICO Live’. Gaming enthusiasts worldwide are invited to support a new way to play and fund MOBA games by buying Nexium during the ICO. Investors are also invited to contact Ronny Boesing at OpenLedger to arrange investment directly.

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