E2S has Signed an Agreement with Diaman Capital to Provide Its Services Through the PHI Fintech Marketplace

Place/Date: - May 22nd, 2018 at 11:31 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Diaman Capital, Source: Diaman Capital

E2S is a company providing Compliance, Accountancy and Corporate services for anyone who wants to start an activity in Malta. Diaman Capital has successfully completed an ICO to distribute PHI Token, an utility token that can be used to purchase financial services or products with a cashback of 30%.

Until now, PHI Token has been used to purchase EXANTE and IRating Platforms, two financial software for professionals. In almost a month, thanks to the PHI platform under development by Diaman, it will be also possible to purchase E2S services.

Daniele Bernardi, CEO of Diaman, underlines:

“We are very happy to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with E2S, which are also service providers for Diaman Partners LTD, which is the company under authorization that we will use for the Asset Management once it will be approved by MFSA”.

Phi innovative investment hybrid platform will allow investments in all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies related products, providing users professional value/risk indicators for the self- evaluation of financial products.

Even if fully digital, Phi Platform will be supported by human professional wealth managers who will help investors to avoid typical behavioural and emotional mistakes. The Phi hybrid digital and human platform will reduce the costs for final investors, thanks to a fully digital engine, avoiding finance distribution and compliance costs.

More about the project: www.phitoken.io; www.ex-ante.it; www.diaman.eu