Earn “Redistributed” Benefits, KiKi Finance Provides You a Staking Entry

Place/Date: - December 10th, 2021 at 12:26 pm UTC · 5 min read
Contact: KiKi Finance, Source: KiKi Finance

2021 is a highlight moment of DeFi, which leads to the topic of Staking. Rewards of Staking is attractive, the first movers include wallets, mining pools, node service providers, and some exchanges. However, the current pain points of the Staking market has not yet been solved. DeFi users are discouraged to stake because of undeclared revenue of mining pools; complex operating process in wallets; and also because the fixed deposit staking in exchanges cannot meet the needs of withdrawal anytime of users. For sophisticated DeFi users, it is essential to ensure the security of projects. Here comes the crucial problem, how to select a safe project with high return in the crowds?

To reduce the risk, we can inspect a project in 3 dimension and help users focus on high-return projects with less risk. Firstly, is there any professional audit report? Audit firm such as Certik, SlowMist, PeckShield would help projects to self-exam, which will reduce errors after launch. Secondly, declaration of income. Comparing to Staking in exchanges and mining pools, Staking in DeFi projects will benefit from higher returns and better transparency. Last but not least, whether the project is decentralized. Users fully possess their own assets on DeFi projects.

The upcoming launch of KiKi Finance is a good example as a new DeFi assets portal. KiKi has audited by Certik and is a decentralized, open-source Staking protocol. Users can directly enter KiKi platform through wallets. All Staking assets of can be on chain in real time, and viewed through contract address, without the risk of capital pool. KiKi’s technical team has worked on over 70 PoS projects, and applied strict risk control to ensure security and neutrality of assets. KiKi has a strict screening mechanism to provide users high-return projects with safeguard. High-income node entrance on KiKi presents higher income than on chain for users. The platform will also raise the income of first-launch projects by subsidizing platform tokens. Enjoy one-click Staking and claiming rewards on KiKi, and it also supports both WEB and APP. Just connect your wallet to KiKi for one time and you can enjoy Staking with no more logging in. Let’s take a closer look at KiKi Finance.

KiKi Finance is a decentralized, open-source Staking protocol with multi-chain aggregation, supporting Polkadot, Cosmos, Kusama, Terra, etc., and will begin mining at Glacier Genesis on November 25, 2021. The initial Staking will launch Dot and Cosmos, and aggregate multiple high-yield assets, allowing users to experience high-yield aggregator by one-click.

Let’s start with what KiKi Finance is and how users can get involved and monetize. Users who participate on KiKi Finance will be “explorers”. Explorers will manage their assets in their wallet with a private key. KiKi Finance will continue to launch high-value, high-yield, decentralised Staking assets. Explorers can stake and get 1:1 assets certificate that allow you to explore the forest. Explores are welcome to provide liquidity and mine in the Farming pools, where Staking + Yield Farming combination will provide higher returns than normal Staking. In addition, explorers will be rewarded with KiKi Finance’s governance token — $KIKI, by voting. This is what explorers can do in KiKi Finance 1.0. A Staking platform that allows users to join KiKi’s ecosystem, the KiKi team will meticulously choose high-yield Staking assets, build nodes, and provide access to secure Staking.

Earn Redistributed Benefits, KiKi Finance Provides You a Staking Entry

KiKi wants to do more than Staking+ Yield Farming. In the era of KiKi Finance 2.0, KiKi DAO will be launched. KiKi DAO is a decentralized governance organization, and the power of decision-making power will delegate to community. The team hopes that KiKi Finance will be a project jointly managed by the community. $KIKI holders will be more of a guide of the development of KIKI Finance and they will participate in the core content of technology development and build KIKI Finance together. In addition, $KIKI holders will have a chance to earn multi-chain tokens or NFT airdrops; KiKi team will set up Innovation Fund to look for potential PoS projects, make joint decisions with DAO organization to support more projects, provide staking entrance and service. KiKi Team will also open up  APIs, allowing more public-chain assets to access KiKi, and building a decentralised Staking open to all users.

After building the flow entrance of KiKi Finance, the era of KiKi Finance3.0 will come. $KIKI will be the key to open the new world. $KIKI will link through important props of Metaverse, GameFi and NFT Platform. In the 3.0 era, KiKi will cooperate with famous artists to release the first set of limited edition NFT. NFT not only has the value of keeping collection under aesthetics, but also holds the value of equity on KiKi Finance, so that $KIKI holders can get more benefits. In addition, KiKi will work with multiple GameFi platforms to provide third-party services such as game assets staking and lending, allowing to earn interest income on KiKi. GameFi Project tokens can also be mined in KiKi Farm Pool and enjoy the same high yield. In KiKi Metaverse, $KIKI holders will be able to create their own squirrel image. Explorers can also make friends in KiKi Metaverse or explore in KiKi Metaverse. In KiKi Metaverse, $KIKI is the social token that can be used to pay, tip, trade and earn money. It is the irreplaceable social token.

Earn Redistributed Benefits, KiKi Finance Provides You a Staking Entry


KiKi Finance is more than a platform for high-yield Staking. It is governed by the KiKi DAO community, improving and expanding the KiKi ecosystem, until in Metaverse, explorers are allowed social freedom. Users can customize their own squirrel image and buy, trade, earn more GameFi and NFT assets. Play to earn for all explorers.

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