EarnHub Will Drastically Change How Investors Make Money with Crypto in 2022

December 23rd, 2021 at 8:38 am UTC · 3 min read

EarnHub Will Drastically Change How Investors Make Money with Crypto in 2022
Photo: EarnHub

EarnHub Token ($EHB) launched this Saturday and has been making waves in the passive income industry by innovating standard yield opportunities such as staking and reflection earnings. Two of the tokens core developments, AnyFlect and Mirror Staking Pools, are already changing how we think about using our money to get higher returns than traditional banks or Automatic Market Makers (AMMs).

Brand new on the market, EarnHub amassed over 6,000 new holders in it’s first few days, sitting at a market cap just over $250,000,000. $EHB is consistently paying out passive rewards to all investors, but with new utilities never before seen by any other token on the market.

EarnHub’s AnyFlect system allows investors to choose any token on the Binance Smart Chain as their passive reward, paying out in a queue system. The use case of this development renders other reflection tokens obsolete – by engaging holders with autonomous payouts in anything they want, crypto investors are seeing EarnHub as the new way in 2022 to gain yields and increase their positions in other cryptocurrencies.

The Mirror Staking Pools offer holders two unique changes to traditional staking: Circumventing impermanent loss and introducing holders to exciting and fresh cryptocurrencies on the market. By driving in rewards via token volume, the APY’s can inflate, giving out high payouts in “partner” tokens that directly work with the entire EarnHub ecosystem.

The team behind EarnHub sees the token as a completely new take on changing the world with cryptocurrency. Rover, the team’s Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“Traditionally with banks we are limited to the fixed-rate APYs offered to us, and with AMMs in the crypto space there comes incredible risk with staking. We aimed to build something that diversified portfolios, broke tradition, and ultimately reduced risk that comes with crypto.”

The EarnHub team plans to continue expanding into other traditional economic systems. With an upcoming Play to Earn gambling system, the earned rewards can be utilized on the dApp for another income opportunity right alongside their existing ones. Other new developments on the way include a credit card to crypto payment gateway, holder referral system, and loyalty tiered bonuses. It is well known that the team has been involved heavily in the NFT space and intends to bring not only great new projects to the market with an entire minting platform, but a real world use case for them as well to attract institutional investors into new blockchain technology.

You can learn more about the project, its utilities, and upcoming developments on the official EarnHub website and purchase the crypto right on their website using the swapper.

EarnHub Social Media Links: Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, Twitch, GitBook, Medium, Instagram.