Ecosystem BeEasy – A New Step in The Management of Crypto-Assets

Place/Date: Saint-Petersburg, Russia - February 2nd, 2018 at 9:02 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Olga Filatova, Source: BeEasy

On February 1, ICO launches the multi-platform BeEasy service. The price of the token is fixed at through the entire stage of the ICO – 0.02 BTC. In total, 250,000 ETKN are planned for release (Early Bird, Bounty, Team).

At the ICO stage will be available to purchase 160 000 units. ICO is held to attract financing for the development of the project, including the purchase of mining equipment and rental to users of the project (“cloud mining”), for the development of the technical base of the project. The number of tokens issued within the ICO is strictly limited, which prevents the price reduction by issuing additional tokens.

CEO of BeEasy, Alexander Bespalov stated that:

“The predicted future of digital technology has become our reality. New technologies are being introduced into everyday life at a rapid pace, and universal computerization cannot be denied. In just six months, millions of people were interested in blockchain technology, took a great interest in crypto-currencies, and began to seriously think about managing a new kind of digital assets. The eco-mechanism developed by our experts allows us to manage on a “one-stop shop”  basis with all business processes and finances. The model by which we created BeEasy is in demand on the market. We invite everyone who wants to enter the ecosystem and create a future together with us”

BeEasy is a set of intuitive interfaces and the most convenient integrated services for managing crypto-assets. Analog technical solutions exist, but they are difficult to perceive, and also require constant monitoring and regulation.

The principle of BeEasy is different. By providing its customers with a unique ability to monitor business processes, the system provides the ability to perform all operations in a “one-stop” mode with a single user identification system.

The BeEasy mission

BeEasy sees its mission in the development of a decentralized economy (blockchain-networks and crypto-currency) by involving the maximum number of groups of users not yet involved in it. To achieve this goal allows a clear structure, system and scheme of its functioning.

BeEasy accumulates all the basic information: the current state of the balances the use of various services, the status of these services, the “quick” transfer of funds from one to another, the ability to set up transaction chains or give completely all the control to the robot.

BeEasy Project

The BeEasy project consists of six services for different groups of users: “EasyData” displays the current number of leased capacities, a crypto-currency account, it presumes the possibility of increasing or decreasing the rented capacity, calculates profitability, monitors the mining process.”EasyPool” is a multi-currency pool and a management system for mining.

“EasyPlay” – a solution for fast and convenient receipt of real things and services for crypto-currency. The “EasyTrade” product is a crypto-exchange that supports integration with the trading software (MetaTrader, TickTrader), as well as a web interface for brokers and traders.

To monitor the liquidity and return on assets, a special service “EasyFund” has been developed. Convenient interface system allows you to easily analyze the current composition of the investment portfolio, and also in real time to control the number of investments and current yield in BTC/ETH/USD.

The module “EasyCare” will give the user the opportunity to do a good deed and send the earned money for the charity. The system will automatically provide a list of partner funds, which will be able to transfer the amount from the balance, and the user will be able to track their donations.

The BeEasy service provides access to a new digital world for everyone. The company plans to open representative offices in the leading markets of Latin America, Europe and Asia – the leading regions in terms of the penetration of the crypto-currency into the economy.

The complex approach and individual proposals developed by BeEasy experts allow not only to form a competent strategy for investing in the crypto-currency, but also, first of all, enable full use of the ecosystem – from mining, incl. the “cloud” one to the usage of the proceeds in the real market of goods and services, as well as on the crypto-exchange market.

Thus, a potential financier receives a package of products and services tailored for his own purposes. Creators and developers invite future investors to join the ecosystem and begin to change the world right now.

Disclaimer: BeEasy is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest