Highly-rated Crypto Platform Embily Launches Virtual and Plastic Debit Cards for Seamless Transactions Globally

Place/Date: - September 9th, 2021 at 11:55 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Embily, Source: Embily

Highly-rated Crypto Platform Embily Launches Virtual and Plastic Debit Cards for Seamless Transactions Globally
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Embily, one of the fastest-growing blockchain payment gateway platforms, has announced the official rollout of its virtual and plastic debit cards globally. The crypto-friendly cards will allow users to convert their crypto to fiat currencies to spend online or in-person merchants.

Embily debit cards enable users to make online transactions within seconds. Users can create virtual debit cards for quick and seamless purchases. It cuts down the waiting time associated with processing plastic cards. Embily plastic debit cards are processed in one day and delivered within a week, which is significantly faster than other firms that take several weeks.

Embily card users will be able to recharge their cards directly by depositing their digital assets into the inbuilt wallets on their Embily accounts. The wallet automatically converts the crypto assets into USD or Euro, deposited to your Embily Card. This flexibility allows Embily debit cardholders to smoothly convert and transact with cryptocurrencies in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Users can also use the user-friendly Embily account to manage up to five cards, send funds, track expenses, change pins, freeze cards, and more. Additionally, Embily cardholders can add their debit cards to Apple Pay to make secure and contactless payments.

CEO Embily USA Joe Saz announces that Embily USA should be entering the implementation of necessary functions to make sure all back end processes seamlessly create a perfect user experience. If all goes well then we should be able to launch our product in December in full, no beta phase or anything restrictive. We will continue working tirelessly and hiring needed positions until we get this through the finish line.

Embily debit cards are available for account holders globally while US users can sign up for the waiting list.

Fast-growing Ecosystem

Embily makes it simple for users to make daily payments with their cryptocurrency earnings and savings. Its platform is user-friendly with features that promote usability, speed and safety. Since its launch, more than 30,000 users have adopted Embily as their main payment tool.

Embily has made significant milestones in recent months and is regarded as a reputable payment platform within the crypto industry. Everyone at Embily is committed to continually improving our systems and staying ahead of industry standards and criminal enterprises so that our customers can always feel safe and secure using Embily’s services.

Additionally, the company has revealed plans to launch a first-class banking app with a full spectrum of services.  Embily USA is currently under development and in the implementation phase. The dedicated US platform will include the necessary functions to create a perfect user experience and is expected to launch in December.

About Embily

Embily is one of the fastest-growing blockchain payment services providers that aims to make crypto payments simple and transparent. Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, the Embily platform provides various features and products for users to make seamless cross-border transactions. It is also fully regulated by the policies and rules of the European Union and is fully compliant with GDPR.