EMCD Mining Pool Finishes 2021 with Great Success in Every Area

Place/Date: - December 27th, 2021 at 1:55 pm UTC · 3 min read
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EMCD Mining Pool Finishes 2021 with Great Success in Every Area
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EMCD mining pool revealed several impressive numbers for key metrics in its 2021 Annual Report. Cryptonews initially published the document. The article provides a comprehensive overview of key metric dynamics compared to 2020 stats, and several intriguing numbers that establish EMCD as one of the fastest-growing market products.

As for the tech side, the EMCD team outlined significant growth in the average pool hashrate, with a 140% increase reflected in the Bitcoin pool’s metrics. The total number of new users reached the 50,000 milestone, which looks especially remarkable amidst the general downtrend sparked by the regulatory restrictions that constantly occurred in 2021.

From the customers’ perspective, EMCD has proven their high service standards by successfully withstanding the growing workload pressure. According to the report, EMCD live support processed over 16,500 cases, which is about 46 tickets closed per day on average. The total number of private messages sent back to clients amounted to 73,492.

EMCD Mining Pool Finishes 2021 with Great Success in Every Area

The statistics outline outstanding performance in the area of acquisition. For instance, the summary of the referral program participants’ benefits reached $132,000. Considering the recently introduced referral program updates that allow clients to save up to 30% on commission fees, the team expects more users engaged via this channel in 2022. At the same time, the shining and polished FAQ on the EMCD website brought over 25,000 newcomers onboard and started mining during 2021.

The EMCD team has significant plans for the upcoming year to strengthen their leading positions achieved in 2021. To that end, the company has already revealed its close plans on providing the users with a crypto-to-fiat payout gate and even more significant product features to come live soon.

When reached for a comment on the achieved success, Michael Jerlis, EMCD CEO, stated:

“We couldn’t be more proud of the results achieved this year. I want to thank the whole team for their contribution and all our users’ continued support. We’ve got more ambitious plans to deliver in the upcoming months, sculpting EMCD into a mining ecosystem suitable for both retail users and enterprises, and I’m sure that our strategic approaches should pay off.”

EMCD is ready to onboard newcomers 24/7 regardless of the hardware and mining power they possess. The company offers a generous welcome bonus for new miners in Q1 2022. Register on EMCD via the link or type in the NEWYEAR22 promo code on their website to access a 30% commission fees discount as a bonus to the already highly competitive rates offered. The welcome bonus will be available for three months since the account creation.

About EMCD

EMCD is a crypto mining ecosystem offering a wide range of services from mining pools and software engineering to the deployment of mining equipment and turn-key maintenance. The company operates its own mining infrastructure with full-scale mining equipment maintenance services. Additionally, EMCD offers smooth and transparent investing plans with a pay-back period of 9 months. Apart from this, EMCD offers Coinhold – an investment tool designed to increase investor capital. Currently, Coinhold has a 4.2% APY.