Following the Recent Crypto Ban, EMCD Offers a Good Discount and a Data Center Close to China

Place/Date: - October 1st, 2021 at 8:26 am UTC · 4 min read
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Following the Recent Crypto Ban, EMCD Offers a Good Discount and a Data Center Close to China
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Leading crypto mining pool EMCD has announced that they have slashed their commission fees by 30% in response to the regulatory shutdown in China. These lower commission fees are valid for as long as users choose to work with EMCD. Those interested in taking advantage of the lower mining costs can do so by entering the promo code “FREECRYPTO” when they sign up. The offer is available by October 31.

Last week’s news that China declared all crypto operations to be unlawful impacted the industry seriously. Over the years, crypto mining has become more and more centralized in China, to the point where last year it was estimated that over 75% of all crypto mining in the world was based in China. But the latest decision by Chinese authorities to ban all aspects of cryptocurrency operations has pulled the rug out from a trillion-dollar industry. Mining giants such as Spark-Pool and BeePool will have to find a way of reinventing themselves, while Chinese users will be by and large left by the wayside. The users that have been stripped of their ability to mine deserve their needs to be addressed by providers capable of offering reliable and advantageous solutions.

EMCD has risen to the upper echelon of mining pool services by offering high-quality services to its clients. The dramatic slash of commission rates further illustrates the intention of the pool to create an ideal environment for long-term miners. The 30% decrease brings commission fees all the way down to 1.05%, one of the best rates in the industry, and is applicable for the whole period a miner works in the pool.

While EMCD started its operations in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, and that is still where the majority of its userbase is located, the platform has branched out to all corners of the world and become one of the most popular and trusted mining pool services. Technical staff work 24/7 and speak English and all the other widely-spoken languages. EMCD clients are provided with an intuitive interface that is as easy to understand for novices as it is useful for mining veterans. Also, the platform offers a number of additional special services such as Invest, FARMS and others that give clients unique profit opportunities.

The platform currently supports mining seven of the largest cryptocurrencies including LTC, DOGE, BTC and ETH. For users, mining of all supported currencies is possible without having to meet a minimum entry threshold, which opens the door to everyone regardless of their hardware and power capabilities. EMCD has incorporated mining algorithms of sha256, Scrypt, Athash and x11.

Beyond the commission fee cut, EMCD has also recently announced the opening of another mining data center near Lake Baikal in Russia. This data center features particular advantages for miners displaced by the restrictions put in place in China. The facility has everything necessary to accommodate large-scale mining operations and cheap electricity to ensure long-term profitability. More than that, the good location of the center close to China allows for quick communication back and forth from the center to miners from the region. EMCD provides clients with help when transferring equipment and also offers daily equipment maintenance.

Commenting on the recent developments, Mikhael Jerlis, CEO and Founder of EMCD, underlined the company’s desire to make good on the universal promise of the cryptocurrency industry, regardless of geopolitics:

“We believe that blockchain, and, particularly, cryptocurrencies both unveil the future of a global economy, and regulatory hurdles shouldn’t be a barrier in a decentralized world. We warmly welcome miners from all around the globe to join EMCD pools and are happy to provide them with the best possible conditions with no hassle.”

The 30% commission rate reduction is valid on EMCD until October 31, so all interested parties are encouraged to sign up before the deadline. The discount will be available throughout the whole period that miners work in the pool.

About EMCD

EMCD is a crypto mining ecosystem offering a wide range of services from mining pools and software engineering to the deployment of mining equipment and turn-key maintenance. The company operates its own mining infrastructure with full-scale mining equipment maintenance services. Additionally, EMCD offers smooth and transparent investing plans with an average repayment period of 6 months. Apart from this, EMCD offers Coinhold – an investment tool designed to increase investor capital. Currently, Coinhold has a 4.2% APY.