EpiK Protocol Has Completed Its Strategic Fundraising

April 7th, 2021 at 10:57 am UTC · 1 min read

EpiK Protocol Has Completed Its Strategic Fundraising
Photo: EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol, focusing on decentralized knowledge graph storage, has completed its strategic fundraising of $3M. Investment partners include: Jackdaw Capital, FBG, SuperChain Capital, ChinaNet Technology, Nebulas, Crypto Venture Capital, Lancer Capital, Clim Funds (Gleneagle Securities), CollinStar as well as some noted institutional investors. The strategic partnership will accelerate EpiK’s ecosystem construction.

EpiK Protocol is a decentralized, secure and trusted knowledge graph collaboration platform. Currently, it has built a Distributed Storage Miner Ecosystem with over 20,000 nodes. A Knowledge Ecosystem with over a hundred Domain Experts and over 30,000 Bounty Hunters. According to the project Roadmap, the EpiK Mainnet will be launched in Q2 2021.


EpiK Protocol

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