eSignus Integrates Ardor, Ignis, Nxt in Partnership with Jelurida

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eSignus Integrates Ardor, Ignis, Nxt in Partnership with Jelurida
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As a way to encourage the adoption, Jelurida has announced a special launch deal dedicated to its community members.

eSignus, one of the fastest-growing consulting cybersecurity companies in Web 3.0 has announced the integration of Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt protocols into its state-of-the-art and secure cold wallet storage, the HASHWallet Link. According to a Press Release shared with Coinspeaker, the integration comes following the partnership eSignus inked with Jelurida, the blockchain company that develops and maintains the Ardor and Nxt blockchain networks.

The integration of Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt is a mutually beneficial one for both eSignus and Jelurida as well as the respective community members of each of the protocols. By ranking as one of the first cold wallets to support the native tokens of these protocols, access to buy, swap, store, and sell will be enabled in a highly convenient way for all.

The Web 3.0 ecosystem has continued on a very ambitious growth path, and with this growth, there has been the proliferation of bad actors creeping into the space. The presence of these bad actors has continued to result in the loss of funds through hacks and Phishing scams. With highly secured cold wallets like the HASHWallet Link, traders, investors, and users alike can have the assurance of the safety of their funds.

Expanding support for coins to be integrated into cold wallets is considered a new frontier in the growth and development of a particular token, and with the HASHWallet Link integration, the trio of Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt have surpassed this rare but inevitable milestone.

“We are delighted with all the possibilities that this partnership with Jelurida opens, which allows us to give support with HASHWallet to a very consolidated and demanding Ardor community” – Daniel Hernandez, CEO, and Co-Founder of eSignus.

The eSignus cold wallet is designed as a convenient solution in the shape of a smart card. It is programmable hardware and it prevents unauthorized access to user’s funds

Jelurida and the Embrace of eSignus HASHWallet Link

Jelurida is gaining momentum as one of the most renowned blockchain development outfits in this space and it hopes to maintain this status by driving immense embrace of the HASHWallet Link by members of its ecosystem.

As a way to encourage the adoption, Jelurida has announced a special launch deal dedicated to its community members. The first 300 HASHWallet Link purchases will be rewarded with an airdrop worth 45€ composed of the Jelurida tokens: 25€ in $IGNIS, 10€ in $NXT, and 10€ in $ARDR.

Qualifying users will receive a single-use code with their smart card packaging, that must redeem in the HASHWallet Manager app after initializing their HASHWallet link card.

Getting its associated token on the eSignus-backed HASHWallet Link hardware complements its moves to integrate the tokens on several cold wallet storages to provide the best safeguard for its users.

“Providing our users with a cold storage solution for their assets and credentials is a top priority for Jelurida. We are excited to work with HASHWallet to provide such a state-of-the-art cold storage solution,” said Lior Yaffe, Director, and Co-Founder of Jelurida.

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