Whitelist & Members Area Guide

March 20th, 2018 at 11:51 am UTC · 3 min read

Want to join the Essentia whitelist? Then head to our official website now. Come with us on a journey towards a new, decentralized world; a world of privacy, security and ownership.

To make life as simple as we can, we’ve created the ultimate guide to joining our whitelist and what it means for you.

Why should I become whitelisted?

Only people on our whitelist enjoy the advantages of being on our pre-ICO, ICO and future Airdrops. You can’t take part if you’re not on the list.

A new way of interacting with the internet is possible, but only for those who sign up. Join the thousands who are already with us and get whitelisted now!

The registration guide

This is the how-to guide for joining Essentia.

  1. Click on the “Join whitelist” button you’ll see on our website. You will then be asked for your email address. Registered already? Click login and enter the Member Area.
  1. Now you must verify your email address. Login to your emails and click on the verification link.

You will receive a password in the email. Use this password to gain entry to your Member Area.

What now?

The Member Area is a private hub where you will find:

– Tasks to do.

– Your referral link.

– ICO countdowns.

– Your Ethereum address.

Members Area Guide

  1. The first thing you’ll need is to verify your account. Head to our Telegram channel and join us.

When you’re done, come back to the Members Area and press “Continue”.

  1.  Next you will need to join the whitelist. Locate the “Join Whitelist” button on the Essentia website and click on this.

Now all you need is to check you have your Ethereum address.

The minimum amount you can contribute is 0.1 ETH. Enter your Ethereum address and the amount you wish to add.

Remember: It is perfectly possible to change your address up until a week before the ICO commences.

  1. In the Members Area, take a look at the list of tasks below the counters.

Each task you complete brings you 10 minutes closer to the ICO.

Observe that there are two coundowns and two counters.

The smaller counter is the one for everyone else.

The large counter is your personal counter and applies only to you.

  1. There is another very special task at the very top with a star. To complete it, you have to succeed in three subtasks.

Once you have completed these subtasks, during the Airdrop you will be rewarded by 25 free ESS tokens.You will receive them immediately after the end of the ICO.

Seeking more information? Our website and the Essentia Telegram will do the trick.