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DataBroker DAO Token Pre-Sale Now Live Following Huge V2.0 Platform Update

March 19th, 2018 at 7:58 pm UTC · 3 min read

DataBroker DAO have been listening to the feedback received from potential users, DataBroker DAO alliance members and a broad spectrum of potential traders of data on the platform. What has come of this is nothing short of spectacular. The focal point of interest gathered from the feedback is an issue that was already a major part of the DataBroker DAO roadmap, which has now been moved up the priority list.

Building Alpha V2.0

What was apparent was that token holders, alliance members and potential users had a strong desire to be assured of the quality of data being sold and purchased on the DataBroker DAO platform. It would be unwise to leave this unacknowledged and so Databroker decided to take a look at the platform and re-engineer it from the ground up.

Now, DataBroker DAO has a “token curated registry” with DTX token staking. The appropriately named “Discovery Release” has a range of sensors in and around Belgium which act as the interface to search and browse for data built on the token curated registry.

On top of this, DataBroker DAO have created a brand new DApp (Decentralised application) that focuses on discovering new and interesting data sets that allow buyers to easily search for the data they require.

The DataBroker DAO Platform

DataBroker DAO is a platform for individuals, companies, researchers, governments and anyone who desires IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data. The market growth for this type of data is exponential and yet a vast majority of the data isn’t being shared and is holed up in data silos and walled gardens.

The projected primary market value for these sensors is expected to reach 1.2 Trillion USD in 2019 with the majority of that data being locked away with the sensor owners and an estimated 10% of the data generated is ‘sought for others’ meaning that next year, roughly 120 Billion USD worth of data will be locked away next year.

The DTX Token and Token Pre-Sale

This timely move gives DataBroker DAO the confidence to move forward and enter into the Pre-Sale phase, which is live today, March 19th, 2018 – 4pm CET, the Pre-Sale for the DTX token which is a utility in the DataBroker DAO platform. DTX is an ERC20 compliant token and will serve as the funding for users to buy and sell sensor data within the platform.

Participants will be able to secure DTX tokens with Ethereum contributions; the Pre-Sale rate will be 1 ETH = 4000 DTX and there is a 50% (2000 additional DTX per 1 ETH) bonus for presale participants, with a minimum contribution during the Pre-Sale of 10 ETH.


Frank Van Geertruyden

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