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ETERBASE to Offer Pre-Listing on its New Cryptocurrency Exchange

August 9th, 2018 at 12:47 pm UTC · 2 min read

ETERBASE to Offer Pre-Listing on its New Cryptocurrency Exchange

As Europe’s premier digital asset exchange, ETERBASE offers fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface, all with security and regulatory compliance on par with banks and other financial institutions.

Qualified, Pre-listed cryptocurrencies projects will undergo a token swap with the ETERBASE XBASE token, providing 200 ETH and 100 ETH worth of their token in exchange for 300 ETH worth of XBASE tokens.

Successful projects will receive, immediately after the token swap, the highest tiered membership status in the ETERBASE XBASE membership. As Premium members, projects will benefit from zero-fee trading, multiple portfolio management, 24/7 customer support, an ultra-fast trading engine of up to 5,000 trade requests per minute, Masternodes, POS management and rewards, and 75% off withdrawal fees.

This offer is strictly limited to 30 selected projects. Companies and projects which are interested in being pre-listed should fill out the application form today. Any requests for further assistance should be directed at [email protected].

As a regulation-compliant cryptocurrency exchange and as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), ETERBASE will comply with all major European banking laws and regulations, providing users with industry-best security and safety by complying with the newest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies set by the European Union.

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