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European Web3 Summit 2023

June 7th, 2023 at 8:56 pm UTC · 4 min read

In Brussels, the European Web3 Summit 2023 drew more than 1000 viewers, 150+ guests, and over 60 speakers, including EU policymakers, Web3 industry leaders, and Non-Governmental organizations.

The inaugural edition of the European Web3 Summit has concluded at the heart of Europe and demonstrated that a sustainable environment for Web3 in Europe can be created via open dialogue between EU officials and member state officials, industry leaders, and civil society groups on one side, while looking beyond our own borders for the best regulatory practices outside the EU on the other.

The leaders of the Web3 industry, NGOs and associations, investment funds, wealth management companies, and bank federations gathered at the Bibliotheque Solvay venue with over 100 guests and 1 000 viewers from around the globe: among the participants were representatives from the Blockchain Lawyers Group, Green Digital Finance Alliance, Blockchain Founders Group, The Digital Economist, EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, INATBA, European Commission, United Nations, Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, Circle, Revolut, CryptoUK, reState and many more.

The EW3S 2023 featured 13 discussions conducted by more than 60 prominent speakers, including Dan Nechita, Head of Cabinet for MP Dragos Tudorache of the European Parliament, Dr Lisa Cameron, Member of the UK Parliament, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets, Ricardo Simoes, Executive Director of INATBA, Mike Durrie, Editor in Chief and Stepan Pouyat, Managing Director of the Digital Economist; Helen Köpman, Head of the Digital Innovation and Blockchain Unit at DG CNECT, European Commission, Val Vavilov, Co-Founder, CVO at Bitfury; Sarah Palurovic – Executive Director – Digital Euro Association, Tommaso Astazi, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Blockchain for Europe, Michel Bauwens, Member of the P2P Cooperative; Sarah Gottwald, Managing Director, Blockchain Founders Group; Dr. Thomas Nägele, Chairman of the Board at INATBA and many others.

The Summit covered topics such as MiCA, Blockchain, DeFi, Best World Regulatory Practices, Digital Payments, Sustainability and Web3, Metaverse, Digital Identity, Technology and Consciousness, and How to make Europe the center for Web3 Governance.

The insights gained from the EW3S discussions can now be used to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable European society.

The organizers of the Summit are the Institute for Global Transformation (Brussels, Belgium) and the Institute of Cognitive Modeling (Brussels, Belgium) in partnership with Blockchain for Europe.

Viktor Berezenko, Founder of the Institute for Global Transformation:

“The philosophy of our summit is cooperation. It’s easy to compete, that’s human’s competitive culture. The real challenge is to cooperate for mutual benefit. We’re here to show that we’re up for that challenge. Web3 for us isn’t just about something “digital”. It represents a new philosophy of human relationships at the crossroads of online and offline worlds. It’s a chance for humanity to redefine itself, free from totalitarianism, double standards, and mutual destruction. We’ve laid the groundwork. Keep watching this space!”

Tommaso Astazi, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Blockchain for Europe:

“At Blockchain for Europe, we believe that one of the most important pillars for the development of the Web3 ecosystem is education, which begins with the creation of a dialogue between all parts of the industry and the decision makers that are called to regulate this sector. This is why we were honoured to accept the invite by the organisers and support the creation of the European Web3 Summit. The Summit proved to be an amazing opportunity for the Web3 ecosystem to come together, meet with European and international policymakers, and discuss some of the most important topics and debates that will drive the future development of the industry. Everyone working in the Web3 sector believes that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise many parts of our economies and lives. But to ensure blockchain technology is used to truly create a more just society it is essential for the Web3 ecosystem to join forces and showcase all the amazing innovation that is being developed. And the European Web3 Summit was incredibly successful in this.”

The EUROPEAN WEB3 SUMMIT was hailed as an impetus for new ideas and research into how Web3 technology can be applied in Europe. The Summit team is therefore already planning a roundtable on blockchain technology’s impact in a variety of spheres as well as the next European WEB3 Summit in 2024.

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