Facebook (FB) Stock Gained 3.23% Yesterday, Company Presented App for Couples Tuned

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Facebook (FB) Stock Gained 3.23% Yesterday, Company Presented App for Couples Tuned
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Facebook released a new app for couples to private message each other called Tuned. It allows couples to send messages, exchange music and create a digital scrapbook.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) quietly released its new application for couples dubbed Tuned. It can be described as a multimedia messaging app designed to help partners in relationships to communicate. Yesterday, FB stock was in the green but today in the pre-market it is falling. Let’s further have a look at some possible influencing factors.

The app is available for download only in the U.S. and Canada for now. Tuned was developed and released by Facebook New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. The team is, as the name suggests, obviously in the experimental phase and this is important because, if it happens that the new project doesn’t ‘catch-in’ it is easier to stop it.

However, somehow it is possible that it succeeds. If we just look around, these are very specific times we’re living in. COVID-19 pandemic went into the deepest corners of the world and for couples that don’t live together – this could mean a lot.

 Is ‘Tuned’ Really Better Than Other Solutions from Facebook?

However, there is still a question of why would this app be more special than others. This is still just a messaging app but it’s more focused on pushing updates and stickers to just one person. Maybe it’s an interesting fact that users can integrate the app with Spotify in order to share songs, or use some specific widgets to share how they’re feeling or what they’re up to. The company calls this app’s feed as “scrapbook-style.”

However, it’s important to mention that this is not integrated with the company’s dating platform, Facebook Dating. But, perhaps this is the most interesting quality of the app – this lack of Facebook-connected stuff.

Previously, we had Messenger that was used to test the needs of the Facebook users. However, Messenger became too important and users didn’t like eventual changes that were happening. After messenger became one of the most important parts of Facebook as a whole, the company was left without any default experimentation app.

Tuned is made in order to gather less user data but it’s unclear how successfully this strategy is progressing. Because, NPE Team’s only other release that’s still available, a Pinterest competitor named Hobbi, was released two months ago and has only received one review on the App Store – a one-star review.

Could Fake Accounts Lower FB Stock Price?

Be it as it may, Facebook is now facing with one more possible problem to solve – numerous fake accounts. Some think that fake accounts on Facebook could be much more than those reported by the company and that, if his predictions are correct, the stock could drop significantly.

With approximately 98% of revenue coming only from advertising, it is perfectly clear how investors could be worried about every little problem with the division. However, the thing is, advertisers do not pay based on the number of potential users but based on the impressions or clicks that the ad has generated. If someone sees an ad, it doesn’t matter if the account is real or fake, because it is still a real person who sees it.

With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. If, for example, we presume half of the users are false and that all the accounts on Youtube are real, Facebook remains the second social network for monthly active users.

However, that also means that if half of Facebook users are fake, the company managed to generate the same revenue with half the users.

With prices like these, Facebook (FB) stock is a definite buy, mid-term. At 7:01 am ET in the pre-market the stock was falling by 0.73% to $173. Yesterday, Facebook (FB) price managed to gain over 3% to trade at $174.28.

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