Facebook (FB) Stock Trading at $217 Level but Users Inflow and Monetization Efforts May Take It to $250

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Facebook (FB) Stock Trading at $217 Level but Users Inflow and Monetization Efforts May Take It to $250
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The user base growth and monetization efforts could push Facebook (FB) stock price to $250. The number of users and stock earnings increase despite the controversies surrounding the popular social platform.

Despite recent uncertainty with the Libra cryptocurrency, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) stock price and user base both keep growing. Experts predict that the stock will outperform itself in the longterm because Facebook is no stranger to controversy.

The Cambridge Analytica case made it clear that Social Networks act like their clients are famous people: dump your data to journalists, governments, corporations… More than that, your data, even the films and music you like, cost millions of dollars when compared to the personal preferences of other people. Despite the social pressure, Facebook’s privacy measures allowed the dumping of user data in December 2019.

The 267 million people were not very happy with their data loss. In April 2019, the developers of the platform had left the database (not encrypted) on the public server. This has led to 540 million user records from the company’s cloud servers to be copied by anyone on the Internet. But Facebook is too cool to just leave it, and its a stable source of inner dopamine, so…

Only underground influencers like investigative journalists or anti-government activists are leaving the platform because of censorship and bad moderation. For instance, the Ukrainian wing of Facebook reportedly deleted posts of political journalists with outstanding audiences.

Facebook Still Attract Major People’s Interest

As for other people, it seems like they don’t care about personal data costs and security breach consequences. Back in Q3 2019, Facebook had 2,45 billion accounts and 1,62 billion real users. But now they have reached 2,5 billion accounts and 1,66 billion real users.

Because Facebook’s user base keeps growing, the FB stocks are expected to reach $250. Currently, the Facebook (FB) stock is trading around $217, and only five days ago it was worth $208. Investors must be very happy with their pick!

Just during the last 12 months, the Facebook (FB) stock price went on from $128 per share to the current level of $217 per share. This means fascinating growth despite the cascade of controversies. Ian Cooper thinks that Facebook stocks could rise to $250 per share until the 2020 ends. Per Facebook’s CFO Dave Wehner:

“We continue to expect a more pronounced deceleration of our revenue growth rate in Q4. We expect our Q4 reported revenue growth rate will decelerate by mid to high single-digit percentage compared to our Q3 rate.”

Facebook’s every day share trade stats show the $15,41 million volume. In the past, Facebook used to attract $14,55 million per day, which shows traders increased their demand.

Notably, on a two years revenue chart, it shows that Facebook’s income fell from $70,697,000 to $66,529,000. During 2019, the Net Income received a 16,4% hit. Investors expect that this year, it’s gonna be different. Yes, the Q4 2019 was not as good as expected, but this is because of the longterm troubles that social networks will cover with 2020 profits.

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