Facebook Workplace Enterprise Software Now Has 5M Paid Users Up from 3M in October

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Facebook Workplace Enterprise Software Now Has 5M Paid Users Up from 3M in October
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Social media giant, Facebook announced on Thursday that its Workplace enterprise software has now reached over 5 million paid users, however, it faces stiff competition from apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

American social media giant company Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) announced that its business collaboration app has attained five million paid users. According to CNBC, the company also revealed new features for the communication product. Facebook said in a statement that interest in the Workplace software app has increased in the past few months amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The company recorded a sharp increase from 3 million paid users last October and is anticipating to see the number rise in the next quarter if the COVID-19 persists. “Covid-19 outbreak changed and accelerated everything for us,” Workplace Vice president Julien Codorniou said. “What was supposed to happen in five years just happened in two months,” Codorniou added.

Facebook has been able to diversify its revenue collection business lately, hence shielding it from a possible crisis. Workplace software is a key part of the company’s long-term goal, which will come in to reach out to more customers.

Facebook’s workplace app, Oculus virtual reality headset and Portal video-calling devices accounted for 2% of all the Q1 revenue. The figure doubled in comparison to what the three recorded in the first quarter of the prior year.

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“Workplace is the foundation, but teams like Oculus for business and Portal can use or leverage as they go into the enterprise,” Codorniou added. The tool is mostly used for remote work, whereby it brings people together and deepens engagement at a time when it’s vitally needed due to the coronavirus.

The simple tool can integrate with over 50 popular enterprise tools like GSuite, Office 365, Dropbox, Jira, Netskope, and also ADP. According to the company, over 30,000 both large and small global organizations connect their teams with the software.

Besides the normal usage of workplace software, the company reported that many frontline and essential workers are using Facebook to connect with their workmates. “Since the launch of Work Groups six months ago, more than 20 million monthly active people have created 170, 000 groups to complete everyday tasks like shift swapping,” the company said in a statement.

In the future, Facebook has promised to incorporate video features to the workplace app to enhance users’ ability to connect. In addition, it will be adding workplace Rooms, which is a virtual meeting space with unlimited meeting time for up to 50 people. Another amazing feature in the pipeline is the ability to broadcast live from your phone through the Workplace app.

Other features include live Q&Q, live captions, translations and caption editing and also new workplace on portal features.

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