Facebook’s New Operating System for Next-Generation Devices Is in Development

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Facebook’s New Operating System for Next-Generation Devices Is in Development
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Facebook’s new operating system will bring its independence from Apple and Google. It is said that it will focus on future products, including AR glasses.

Social media giant Facebook is working on developing a new product. Facebook’s new operating system will make the corporation less dependent on Apple, Google, and other rivals. Besides, it will focus on Facebook’s future developments such as augmented-reality glasses.

Facebook’s vice president of hardware department Andrew Bosworth commented on Facebook’s intention:

“We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us. We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves.”

Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg believes that creating augmented-reality glasses with built-in software is a good idea. As he has stated, AR glasses may replace mobile phones as the most common way of accessing the internet. Therefore, Facebook wants to take control of the software on those devices. According to those familiar with the matter, Facebook may even partner with some companies to develop such cutting-edge glasses.

At the moment, there is not enough information about the technical side of the upcoming Facebook’s innovation. However, the spokesperson told the media that the base of the operating system will be Facebook’s brain-computer interface hardware. This hardware allows Facebook to decode brain activity in real-time. Currently, it is not ready for being implemented in mobile devices, but the giant is working on improving it. An example of the improvements is an intermediary system for identifying single words while pushing towards 100 word-per-minute brain typing.

Facebook’s New Operating System as a Competitive Advantage

Facebook’s new operating system seems to be a solution the giant has been seeking for years. It is no secret that the company has long competed with Apple and Google. As the social media giant constantly moves into new markets, this rivalry is intensifying. This competition is not obviously direct, however, it exists, and it is easy to notice when you look deeper. For instance, Google and Facebook hold extreme dominance in the advertising market, which causes numerous disagreements between them. In 2020, Facebook’s secular digital ad headwinds will become stronger, and the giant may go a step forward in competing with Google.

Earlier, Facebook attempted to its own mobile phone and even developed a software layer to work on HTC handsets. Unfortunately, the project suffered a failure. Another step to move forward in the global competition was rebranding. As we have reported, Facebook introduced a new logo to distinguish its operations from all of its products and services. By the way, this initiative was successful. It helped to color the company with all the goodwill of its services. And let’s not forget its Libra project that has made a lot of noise though it hasn’t been even launched yet.

It is notable that this year Facebook has been performing pretty good. Its stock increased by nearly 49% to $206 from the beginning of 2019. Besides, the company pulled in a $17.65 billion revenue, almost $300 million more than the predicted amount. And the giant is not to stop. Having an own operating system will also add to Facebook’s strength and bring new victories to the company.

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