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Faceter’s Token was Listed on the Coinexchange Trade Platform

June 25th, 2018 at 9:08 pm UTC · 2 min read

Let us remind that Faceter’s ICO ended in late March, raising $28 million from more than 80,000 investors from the UK, USA, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Canada and other countries.

Now Faceter team is hard working on the development of the project in two primary directions. One development team is working on creating a video surveillance application for iOS and Android. Another team is actively engaged in the process of improvement of the recognition technology and Faceter’s network training.

According to the roadmap, the mass market product should be launched before the end of this year. Also, in one of the latest technical updates Faceter developers reported that from the very beginning of the development process, the quality of recognition has become almost 10–15% better.

Besides, Faceter technology is now compatible with devices of such brands as Hikvision, Provision-ISR and Dahua.

Recall that Faceter is a blockchain-project, the aim of which is to develop the most effective and affordable video surveillance system for using at homes, offices, industrial buildings, streets, shops etc. With the help of machine learning and neural networks, Faceter plans to create an effective recognition technology.

It will be able to detect not only persons and faces but also objects, actions and even emotions, as well as to respond to them. And through the blockchain, Faceter network will be able to work much faster and process big data in real time. Moreover, mining and renting of consumers’ capacities will allow Faceter to make the service as affordable as possible.