Fantasy Digital Launches Mixed Reality Adult Content (Ecosystem) Powered by NFTs

April 13th, 2022 at 3:40 pm UTC · 3 min read

Fantasy Digital is a new adult content ecosystem powered by upgradable membership NFTs that allow fans to enjoy curated adult-themed experiences and connect with creators through interactive experiences. The project will enable everyone to get original adult content presented in mixed reality.

Fantasy Digital is committed to providing a financial and technological infrastructure for adult content creators – and at the same time creating new ways to enjoy the hottest adult content. More importantly, it empowers content creators with control over their own creativity. Using NFTs, digital tokens, and mixed reality, Fantasy Digital enables content creators to directly connect with fans and build a solid income from their work. That way, creators can free themselves from the control and exploitation of fan sites.

As a content creator on Fantasy Digital, you can create and monetize your work and earn money in various ways:

  • Fan membership upgrades
  • Sell unique NFT collectibles, AR-enabled content and physical items
  • Accept tips from fans
  • Participate in the monthly promotional pool to earn Fantasy Rewards
  • Participate in real/virtual members-only events like club nights, hotel & cruise takeovers, and worldwide fan meetups

NFTs Memberships

Fantasy Digital will be rolling out the first upgradable membership NFTs that gives fans crypto rewards and access to exclusive mixed reality experiences and events. First to be released is the monthly StripNFTeases – (a unique collection of adult-themed digital collectibles). Each StripNFTease allows users to unlock access to exclusive adult VR & AR experiences, IRL events, and an erotic show from the featured adult creator.

In addition, upgrading your StripNFTease allows you to earn Fantasy Rewards (P2E), paid out in FTXXX tokens. Each NFT upgrade will enable holders to unlock an extended version of the creator’s erotic show and access to exclusive physical/digital events and NFT drops.

After StripNFTease, the team will also launch FantasyFetishNFT – for fans looking for more specialized and customized content from their favorite creators.

The main idea behind the development of the upgradable NFT membership is to provide enduring value for fans and holders with the ability to access real-world benefits. In essence, it brings fans and creators closer, and offers features and benefits they can be excited about.

Fantasy Tokens

Fantasy Tokens, FTXXX, is the main currency in the Fantasy Digital ecosystem. FTXXX is a deflationary token on Polygon Network with anti-whale mechanisms to limit transactions to a specific amount of time and ensure all users have a fair chance at taking part.

Fantasy Tokens are used to pay for transactions such as membership subscriptions, NFTs and merchandise. In addition, A total of 500 million $FTXXX tokens have been minted, and more than half (55%) will be used to create the liquidity pool.

The FTXXX token sale represents a significant milestone in Fantasy Digital’s ongoing evolution. That is why the team has opened the token sale to the public to allow everyone to take part in the growth. To buy your $FTXXX tokens, visit the Fantasy Digital website to connect your wallet (e.g, Metamask) and purchase your tokens.

By h in early, you get to buy $FTXXX at the lowest possible price. It also allows you to join an exclusive club of adult content creators and fans.

Learn more about the project: Telegram, Discord, Twitter.