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Filecoin Launches FWS, Decentralized Alternative to Amazon Web Service

UTC by Godfrey Benjamin · 3 min read
Filecoin Launches FWS, Decentralized Alternative to Amazon Web Service
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Prior to the launch of the FWS, the protocol launched its Filecoin Virtual Machine Compatibility which supports smart contracts.

Blockchain-based storage network, Filecoin Network has announced the launch of its proprietary Filecoin Web Service (FWS) a cloud-based decentralized alternative to tech giants like the Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Microsoft Azure amongst others.

As announced by the protocol, the launch of FWS marks a very big milestone for its engineering team and the new protocol will be based on the Filecoin protocol. In describing the new service, Filecoin said its new FWS product is a compute and storage technology that is designed to work in a peer-to-peer manner.

Owing to its deep understanding as a successful decentralized network, the Filecoin team said they recognized “that the cloud has a great developer experience, therefore it is an ambition of ours to achieve the benefits of cloud-level DX alongside the transparent and open source incentivization layers decentralized networks can provide”.

Users around the world are now getting by with Cloud Services as dominated by Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure amongst others. These mainstream options work with the centralization of data centers. While they are reliable and can handle massive workloads, there are instances where the data centers associated with these giants crash and cause discomfort to users around the world.

Showcasing the Filecoin FWS Difference

In a bid to change the narrative and provide a relatively better experience for users around the world, Filecoin said its FWS product will come with a number of unique components that will generally aid the usage of the cloud service.

“This technology stack includes various components such as computing, storage, and networking resources that can be used by developers to build decentralized applications. The components provided by Filecoin Web Services are designed to be scalable, flexible, and secure, making the offering suitable for a wide range of use cases,” it said.

Among the components includes the Estuary which includes the Node and Dashboard with both serving unique purposes. The Estuary also has a number of APIs and SDKs that generally helps developers looking to build on top of the Filecoin protocol.

Filecoin Web Service is also engineered to harbor the Delta Technology Stack, a suite of open-source tools for creating and managing Filecoin storage network deals. While these are crucial components that help distinguish the FWS, the Delta Asset Manager, the Delta Importer, Edge-UR, Ptolemy, FWI and Storage Market also complement the underlying provisions.

Offering Value for Money

Filecoin is a very proactive blockchain protocol with innovative ideas to help expand its ecosystem. Prior to the launch of the FWS, the protocol launched its Filecoin Virtual Machine Compatibility, making it supportive of smart contracts.

This has helped turn the protocol into a smart contract hub that has accessibility to the biggest liquidity blockchain in the world. With the FWS, all Filecoin users can now get broader access to every product on offer by the protocol, thus enhancing their overall value addition.

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