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FinToken Seeks to Revolutionize the Capital and Crypto Markets

UTC by Andrey Sergeenkov · 4 min read
FinToken Seeks to Revolutionize the Capital and Crypto Markets
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Introducing FINToken – a Finhaven gateway token that lets you buy and own cryptosecurities using cryptocurrency.

Over the years, the cryptocurrency market and the capital market have existed side-by-side without any direct interaction. They appeared like two parallel lines without an intersection point. There are several projects seeking to bridge this gap and link both markets. However, most of these crypto projects have continued to fall short of expectations. On the other hand, some projects remained focused on the mission and made headway in many regards.

A good example of such a project is the Finhaven Private Markets platform, which currently serves as a middle ground for people to conduct transactions in the money market using solely cryptocurrencies. If this goes as planned, Finhaven can become one of the digital financial ecosystems leading the mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

What to Know About the Finhaven Ecosystem and How It Works

Finhaven ecosystem is a digital securities exchange marketplace established in Canada. It currently champions the movement of global money markets and exchanges from analog to digital systems. The technology on which the Finhaven financial marketplace is built is the distributed ledger technology (DLT). The vision of Finhaven money Markets is more than just building private marketplace that is efficient and effective. The platform ensures all settlements are executed in real-time and there is no need for clearing agencies. Also, custodians and depositories are eliminated with the adoption of blockchain technology.

The end goal of Finhaven money marketplace is to achieve highly efficient global financial (money) flows between countries. It will also give the world a better distribution of capital in both developing and developed countries. Finhaven’s financial market ecosystem is trying to interlink the cryptos and money markets. It is also working on redefining how the next generation of securities trading should be handled. The platform is seeking to eliminate entry barriers to the capital market, thereby making it more accessible to the massive crypto community.

The Finhaven Token (FinToken)

For so long, the money and crypto markets have only co-existed without any form of “interaction” between both markets. Before now, it is not possible for cryptocurrency holders to buy or sell digital securities using cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, etc. To interlink both markets, Finhaven developed a crypto token called FinToken. It is a utility token, and it makes it possible for holders to easily buy or sell digital securities with cryptocurrency assets. On the Fintoken ecosystem, FinToken will be a bridge-builder, interconnecting cryptos, and digital securities.

With the token, investors find it seamless to diversify their portfolios and carry out transactions with digital securities, irrespective of the fact that the market is fully regulated.  These investors will have no need for intermediaries in the marketplace.  With FinToken, accredited investors that are account holders on the Finhaven marketplace can initiate transactions to buy digital securities without fiat but cryptocurrency. The token will also help investors have complete and sole access to their cryptocurrency assets. Users will securely hold the FinToken and other digital securities in their designated FINWallet, with exclusive access to the private key of the wallet.

The FINWallet will perform the function of a multi-crypto-exchange aggregator, like a single access point to different crypto accounts. Therefore, token holders can effectively and efficiently manage their crypto portfolio with ease using FINWallet. For more information about the Finhaven token, you can see the Finhaven whitepaper.

How It Works

First, users will have to buy FinToken with their crypto-asset or fiat currency from any of the exchanges that support FinToken. They securely hold the FinToken in the designated FINWallet. Once that is done, users can Go to the Finhaven marketplace to see the digital securities that are available from different market providers. After the purchase, users have to convert the tokens back to fiat to enable them to buy digital securities. They can also trade these digital securities with other investors within the marketplace.

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