First European Bitcoin Embassies Have Opened in Warsaw and Paris

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First European Bitcoin Embassies Have Opened in Warsaw and Paris
The Polish Bitcoin Embassy is located in the heart of Warsaw, on Krucza 46 street, right next to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Poland’s central bank. Photo: Ambasada Bitcoin/Twitter

The European Bitcoin community has two good reasons to celebrate: two new Bitcoin embassies just opened its doors in Poland and France.

On 12th May, the first European Bitcoin embassy was officially launched in Warsaw, Poland. The main idea of the embassy is to promote promote digital currency such as bitcoin as well as to foster innovations in the country.

The embassy is located in the city center on Krucza 46 street, right next to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Poland’s central bank – two bodies that are the most powerful financial institutions in Poland.

The inside of the building is newly renovated office with a modern design. One of the walls has a three clocks showing local time in Warsaw, Tel Aviv and Montreal cities.

“These are the first three cities in the world where bitcoin embassies were opened,” commented Piotr Hetzig, CEO of Bitcoin Embassy Warsaw, saying: “Our bitcoin embassy is the first institution of its kind in Europe, and this is a result of the rapidly developing Polish bitcoin scene.”

Europe’s First Bitcoin Embassy

Krzysztof Piech is an economist, bitcoin resercher and lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). According to his estimations, bitcoin miners that are based in Poland rank 10th in the world in terms of their output.

It’s certain that in some areas the bitcoin industry is booming. However, for some people bitcoin is still something they’ve never heard about and they are definitely not aware of the advantages the digital currency has.

According to Piotr Hetzig the main reasons for launching is to have a place for bitcoin fans and those who have heard something about cryptocurrency and want to gain more information about bitcoin in case thay want to make future investments.

“Many people, especially the younger generations, read about bitcoin online, but we also want to reach out to those who are used to more traditional forms of commerce and information,” Mr. Hetzig told CoinDesk. “We understand this, and we will be happy to answer all possible questions related to bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Services

Moreover, for those enthusiasts already involved in bitcoin and trading, the embassy has a wide range of services to offer them.

“We will host [training sessions], meetings and various activities for the local bitcoin scene. Also, we will offer bitcoin mining hardware for sale for those [wanting] to upgrade their gear,” Hetzig specified.

In addition one of the goals is to increase trust around the digital currency, he said, adding: “We want to host an open and honest conversation on bitcoin.”

Furthermore, now the newly established embassy is talking with one the Bitcoin ATM manufacturers. It is likely that Warsaw will soon will be intoducing the first ATM in the Polish market.

La Maison Du BTC Opens in Paris, France

The project La Maison Du BTC (The House of Bitcoin), located in Paris, France, has been strongly discussed around the web, much like the Ambasada Bitcoin in Warsaw. 

The France’s Bitcoin Embassy also officially opened its doors today on May 13, 2014.  Eric Larchevêque is the CEO of La Maison Du BTC and Thomas France is the co-founder.

La Maison Du BTC offers co-working space to fledgling Bitcoin startups, and it will be working to increase Bitcoin’s presence in the local media by hosting different  events, like hackathons, weekly Bitcoin entrepreneurial presentations.

Much like the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal, La Maison Du BTC will provide co-working space for Bitcoin “cointrepreneurs” and has affordable plans for office space rental.

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