Flappy Doge Releases its First Three Characters From its Upcoming Play to Earn Metaverse

January 11th, 2022 at 9:06 pm UTC · 5 min read

Flappy Doge Releases its First Three Characters From its Upcoming Play to Earn Metaverse
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Flappy Doge, a free-to-play and play-to-earn game revealed the first three characters from the upcoming P2E games. Flappy Doge is one of a kind NFT metaverse that comprises multiple games and rare NFT collectibles. The ecosystem incentivizes FLPD users through a DAO integration.

FlappyDoge is a 3D game that will be released on iOS and Android with the intention to incorporate virtual reality. It would work on the current sensation of the blockchain-based play-to-earn games in which players must pass through as many levels as possible to collect coins while avoiding the nasty “Shitcoin Monster.”

Play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games are the latest craze in the NFT arena, combining the best of the gaming industry with the cryptocurrency market. Users can collect in-game tokens as well as rare NFTs, which can be used to gain extra cash by playing the games. To attract more people, Flappy Doge plans to merge the best P2E NFT gaming into its ecosystem.P2E games will also be important in the Metaverse, and Flappy Doge plans to include them in the second stage of development. The Flappy Doge universe would be powered by the native token $FLPD, which would also be used to navigate the Flappy Doge universe.

The Flappy Doge experienced team comprises of over 20 mathematicians and computer science engineers, professionals, and business/marketing experts — all with a strong background and passion in the crypto space — saw a huge opportunity to design play-to-earn (P2E) mobile format games on IOS and Android devices, as well as expanding this gaming design model into a larger metaverse. FlappyDoge, their first game storyboard, was created here. It will be the first time in the indie genre P2E, mobile-format gaming business that a collection of games will be made and accessed through a VR metaverse and online lobby, with other intriguing components to explore in the future, such as a launchpad.

Flappy Doge Metaverse Would Leverage the Best of NFT and Gaming

The creation of FlappyDoge is the first step in creating a flappy metaverse  As FlappyDoge expands, it will hasten the construction of a VR-enabled online Lobby that can also be played without VR. It will combine genuine NFTs and loot box marketplaces with prior popular concepts, such as Club Penguin. Other options for earning and using FlappyDoge tokens include, but are not limited to:

  • An online social system in which players compete to see who can last the longest.
  • A Trophy Class system, which shows the total number of high-scoring coins you’ve amassed.
  • top gameplay earns players additional incentives.
  • Players can compete in weekly and quarterly tournaments.

FlappyDoge has ten levels, each with a unique background animation. Players must navigate between the gaps, which is quite straightforward at first; however, as the levels progress, the speed and intricacy grow, making the game even more difficult. To level up, the user must complete the levels; as a result, the player obtains rewards. The game allows players to use the latest technology, NFT technology, which allows users to lease NFTs. The incentives earned using the mobile app can be redeemed on Market Place.

FlappyDoge’s NFT component allows users to customize and alter their gaming experience in a variety of ways. FlappyPlace, one of the NFT components, will be a Metaverse NFT Market Place Ecosystem for converting Flappycoge profits and other meme coins into a large number of NFTs. Leveling up in the Metaverse and earning more money will be made easier with the help of NFTS. By embracing NFT leasing, the ecosystem will encourage inclusivity and allow new users to still “get into ” the game. Users will be able to access NTFS and enhance their gaming to explore and expand their FlappyDoge experience by using the platform’s lessor and lessee matching system for NFT enhancements.

Flappy Doge Launchpad

With an NFT Marketplace Ecosystem and a play-to-earn IOS/Android game LaunchPad managed by DAO governance, FlappyDoge is more than just an addicting, amusing game. The launchpad system will introduce the Play 2 Earn (P2E) game lineup for the future.

FlappyDoge token holders will receive an airdrop of the specific new gaming token every time a new game is introduced, and a threshold will be set so that users can participate in the sales. DAO Governance will also have the power to choose which games will be accepted into the ecosystem, allowing the metaverse to flourish with high-quality additions. Loyal token holders will be able to accumulate fresh game tokens thanks to the launch pad system.

FlappyDoge takes pride in being a community-driven company. They believe in complete transparency, with no hidden token wallets, shady transfers, and appropriate transactional taxes (the majority of which goes back to holders and marketing, benefiting the community as a whole, and a small part of which is burned, increasing the value of your tokens!). In the crypto industry, they are a dedicated, experienced, and trustworthy crew.

Every team member has knowledge in at least one of the following areas: cryptocurrency, computer science, mathematics, management, marketing, business, and networking. This team has developed a complementary working relationship that will rival any team in the crypto market by working or connecting across numerous projects. These solid track records, paired with great marketing initiatives, will catapult the FlappyDoge community to new heights!!!

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