Flexa’s SPEDN App for Android Smoothens Trading of Cryptocurrency

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Flexa’s SPEDN App for Android Smoothens Trading of Cryptocurrency
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After incorporating more than 39,000 merchant partners, which now accept five different cryptos as a payment method, Flexa unleashes the SPEDN mobile app for Android, and ambitious plans for the company’s global expansion.

On July 9, Flexa launched its latest innovation, a beta program for the SPEDN Android app including two additional crucial milestones along the journey to global adoption.

Two months ago, the Flexa team introduced the real-time payments platform. That launching has seen Flexa team work tirelessly at scaling and reinforcing the platform infrastructure while expanding the coverage of the network to even more places and people across the US. Recently, Flexa incorporated the newest merchant partners, and powered transactions in five various cryptocurrencies, which are now operating at 39, 321 areas.

The future plan of Flexa is to introduce the Flexa staking index, a service that allows Flexacoin users to collateralize and gain rewards from facilitating transactions design with Flexa-powered wallets such as SPEDN.

Flexa strives to achieve one aim: to allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency wherever transactions take place all over the globe, especially from any type of smartphone.

SPEDN Operating on Android

SPEDN is the first mobile app design to show the power of the Flexa Wallet SDK. Although it’s operations aren’t public yet, it has received some incredible, encouraging and constructive responses from their community.

Majority of the respondents acknowledged that SPEDN is “fast, efficient, and no hassle” and “easier than using a debit card.” Therefore, to enjoy maximum benefits your mobile phone must run Android 5.1 or advanced versions, which represents about 86% of all Android electronics in active operation today.

A Global Village Through Flexa

In a bid to boosts SPEDN usage and coverage, the company has gone a notch higher to change their approach to licensure and regulatory compliance, and have created a measure to help secure not only the merchants on the platform but also every single individual relying on Flexa to spend.

The company has the potential to increase the pace at which it’s scaling, however, they are concerned to adhere to local laws and policies regarding cryptocurrency payments. Speaking of scale, the company is in the process to launch Flexa in the first major markets outside the US. However, the new market will depend on Flexacoin (FXC) collateralization to protect unverified cryptocurrency transactions and secure the platform from fraud.

Flexacoin Made Easier On Bittrex Inte

For non-United States residents, Fleexacoin (FXC) now exists for trading on Bittrex International. The dual partnership makes it easier for people around the globe not only to access it but also to utilize FXC collateral toxens.

The two partners also share a common vision where every member of their services must have personal accounts. The essence of owning personal account helps in creating crypto payments for the earliest adopters of cryptocurrency.

With FXC buy and selling on Bittrex International, the company is taking a calculated move in enabling the Flexa platform to enhance instant, no-fee, fraud payments worldwide.

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