FOMO 3D Creators Launch Viral New Game on TRON

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by Maria Konash · 4 min read
FOMO 3D Creators Launch Viral New Game on TRON
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Team Just, the creators of the maddeningly addictive FOMO 3D, are back with its long-awaited successor – Just.Game.

Just.Game, set to launch on December 22, is the name and domain of the new venture from the wizards behind last year’s blockchain melting FOMO 3D. At its peak, the runaway success of the FOMO 3D dApp slowed the Ethereum network to a crawl and sparked serious FOMO from players intent on scooping its ever-growing jackpot.

Just.Game promises to pick up where its predecessor left off, only this time around, TRON will carry the strain. Team Just selected TRON on account of its better scalability and higher throughput, but it appears that demand for the new game has already outstripped capacity.

At press time, the Just.Game public beta wasn’t loading, with Team Just explaining “when we said testnet, we didn’t expect the entire TRON community at the same time.” In keeping with the crew’s marketing nous, however, the claim to have overloaded the testnet is likely another Team Just publicity stunt.

The Masters of Game Theory Bring the Heat

Team Just drew their name from a Brendan Fraser meme that resonated with crypto investors on 4chan’s /biz/ messageboard during the 2018 bear market. To be “justed” is to be rekt, and yet to be rekt by sinking all of one’s ether into Team Just’s addictive dApps – and FOMO 3D – was to be simultaneously mesmerized, bamboozled, and bewildered.

With a 59-page whitepaper behind it, it’s clear that Just.Game isn’t just another game. Phrases like “weaponized decentralization” sprinkled through it show the Just.Game whitepaper has its share of dank memetics.

However, there’s a lot more than merely arcane in-jokes and imageboard humor: Just.Game looks set to be another piece of perfection from its creators when it comes to aligning game theory, economic incentives, and pushing the limits of what blockchain can do. Operating under the slogan “tech disguised as toys,” Team Just blur the lines between gambling, gaming, and puzzle-solving.

A Real Dose of Artificial Intelligence

Just.Game includes a reboot as a prize pool that’s connected to a timelock. The timer lasts for 12 hours but will stop if participants stop interacting with it. If the timer reaches zero, the round will restart and the slowly-accumulating prize will be split equally, with each of the last 100 participants splitting the pool evenly. It sounds as if Team Just has taken the elements that made Proof of Weak Hands, Fomo 3D, and so wildly popular and added a group element for Just.Game.

Cryptocurrency users are already familiar with decentralized systems that employ crowd power to reach consensus on matters ranging from voting to predictions. Can the same human force be used to help a determined group of actors claim the prize pot in Just.Game?

There’s more, of course, since Team Just are never ones to do things by halves: another twist is a generous bonus for the last person to extend the timer before the round ends. “If succeeds in creating and capturing the attention it’s designed to create,” ventures the whitepaper, “something very interesting happens. The prize for the next round will start at a higher value than the prize 100 winners took moments ago.”

Never shy of singing their own praises, Team Just signs off with the declaration that “ invents and follows a ruleset that makes it specifically unlike anything else that has ever existed in human history.” In less than 48 hours, TRON players will be the first to put that prediction to the test. We’ve not even signed off on 2019, and already 2020 has its first claim for dApp of the year.

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