Former HP Inc Executives to Lead Blockchain Company XTRABYTES in Transition to Global Player

August 8th, 2018 at 12:22 pm UTC · 2 min read

The company will benefit from his extensive experience in the technology and services sector, particularly as the company transitions into a global enterprise.

Rothwell said:

“This technology will change how people view the blockchain industry, setting the company apart from anything we’ve seen to date.”

Rothwell adding that what excites him most is that

“we are starting on the ground floor and building a very powerful product, one that will be life-changing for many people.”

Ashley Norman, recently HP’s commercial graphics divisional manager, is slated to be the new chief operating officer. ​During his time with HP, Norman worked with regional sales managers to achieve 10 years of consecutive growth, becoming an expert in market trend identification and global product launches.

Both leaders said that the XTRABYTES platform will dramatically advance the commercial adoption of decentralized applications. They intend to enter an array of markets by fully utilizing the company’s versatile development technologies.

Strategic Developments

It’s that kind of potential – and an industry valuation that has more than doubled within the past year alone – that has attracted the two executives to join other leaders including Matt Huang from Sequoia, Amber Baldet from J.P. Morgan Chase, and Chris Matta from Goldman Sachs in accepting positions within the blockchain industry.

Norman said:

“When Allen met with me and discussed XTRABYTES, I knew from my experience that this product had the potential to make a lasting impact on the market and that I wanted to be a part of that success.”


XTRABYTES is currently drafting several patents for its blockchain technology. This includes its Proof of Signature (PoSign) consensus algorithm, a radical departure from how current cryptographic methods function. The decentralized network will provide users with an unparalleled level of security, speed, and increased energy efficiency. It will also be completely scalable, utilizing 3,584 separate ‘STATIC’ nodes.


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