What Is Frequency Capping for Crypto Advertising?

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What Is Frequency Capping for Crypto Advertising?
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Be it a conventional project, using an ad frequency cap gives you unmatched power when it comes to setting up a marketing strategy.

When you’re running a crypto display ad campaign, you’ll have access to a varied range of tools and features. One of these is called frequency capping. But what is ad frequency capping and how can it impact the performance of your crypto display ad campaign?

Let’s get down to the basics and run you through everything that you need to know about ad frequency capping. It is a deeper look into which ad networks allow its application and the best way to blend it into your crypto marketing strategy in a bid to increase performance and turn budget effectiveness to the max.

What Is Frequency Capping for Crypto Advertising?

What Is Frequency Cap in Ads?

A frequency cap in ads is the number of times any viewer will see your ads. Each video or display ad will be shown to website visitors a number of times, but by using a frequency cap, you can limit how many times a single user can view the same ad. You can set this cap to daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference.

This is done to prevent a phenomenon known as ad fatigue. The more often someone views an ad, the more likely they are to no longer pay attention to it and tune it out, just like the noise of a ticking clock. So, by capping the frequency that a particular ad is shown to a single user, you prevent ad fatigue and make your crypto display ad campaign running as efficiently as possible.

What Is a Good Frequency Cap?

Getting the right ad frequency cap in place on your campaigns can be make or break. People are more likely to click on a display ad after seeing it at least 3 times in a 24-hour period. At the other end of the spectrum, clicks drop off after around 24 views in a 24-hour period. So, between 3 and 24 is the sweet spot.

“We see outstanding results when our clients increase the frequency capping value along with the progression of the audiences’ customer journey,” said Matvey Diadkov, CEO of Bitmedia crypto ad network.

What Is Frequency Capping for Crypto Advertising?

Obviously, this is just the average from data taken over hundreds of days of ads, different ad sets, geographics and other factors. So, take it with a pinch of salt. Depending on your audience, you might find better results by making the range even shorter. The best way to go about this is to begin with the wide range of 3-24 and then adjust it and test. If results improve, then you’re heading in the right direction for your audience and ad set.

How does Frequency Cap Work?

Frequency capping is a feature that you can toggle on or off for your crypto display ad campaign. If you toggle frequency capping on, you’ll be able to set up parameters, such as the maximum number of times a person can view your ads and in what time frame.

Let’s say that you set it to 6 views in a 24-hour period. Using tracking information, the crypto ad serving platform will keep track of how many times a particular person has viewed your ads. Once they hit the limit that you’ve set, they will no longer see that advert until the cooldown period is over. The cooldown period is the time frame that you set, so in this case, 24-hours.

You can toggle frequency capping on and off at any time during your crypto ad campaign with Bitmedia, which, as per our research, is currently the only crypto ad network that gives its users access to this ever-important tool. This gives you total control over your campaign and its success. Of course, the Bitmedia team is always on hand to help should you get stuck or need some help refining your frequency capping settings.

What Is Frequency Capping for Crypto Advertising?

Frequency capping setting – Bitmedia’s dashboard.

Get the Best Results with Frequency Capping

Be it a conventional project, using an ad frequency cap gives you unmatched power when it comes to setting up a marketing strategy. After all, you should be able to set as many refinements on your campaigns as possible, to earn the best chance at increasing your conversion rate and optimizing the results from your campaigns.

If you’re looking to take your crypto display ad campaign up a notch, you should consider using ad frequency capping. Furthermore, it’s a solid tool that allows you to squeeze more juice out of your budget, giving you more bang for your buck. Last but not least, when it comes to crypto ads, frequency capping is critical. Unlike conventional businesses, crypto projects are often about trust, which is aided by increased brand awareness in a bid to become a household brand. And it is here, when frequency capping starts to make a huge deal of sense.

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