What the Future of DeFi Looks Like? Welcome Nimbus

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What the Future of DeFi Looks Like? Welcome Nimbus
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A clear example of Nimbus taking the best measures to protect decentralization is the fact that only 10 percent of the Nimbus Governance Tokens shall be reserved for the Nimbus organization.

The emergence of the Nimbus DeFi Platform is a truly remarkable event, for it will finally open the top financial opportunities – such as IPO participation, Startup Financing, and so on – for common people worldwide.

After the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the economy we were taught to idolize seems to be crumbling and crushing us under its broken pieces. In times of such uncertainty, Nimbus came forth with a vision of helping common folks like you and me find opportunities and rebuild our goals and aspirations.

With Nimbus finally opening a world of equal opportunities and distributed control, it is a call to enter an ecosystem that thrives and sustains in times when we need it the most. So, it is safe to say that with the Nimbus platform and their NBU token launched a few days ago, we can finally witness a decentralized economy marked by balance, unprecedented opportunities and innovation.

The essence of Nimbus is best explained in a quote made by the Platform’s representatives. According to them:

“The Nimbus Fintech platform has been offering fintech solutions since 2019 for 50,000 people worldwide. Switching to DeFi is a logical step in our company’s development strategy. Our new DeFi Platform offers users all the tools they need in one spot and eliminates the need for switching between native tokens. NBU is the single token that shall provide access to an array of unprecedented crypto opportunities including more than 10 pools with transparent reward mechanisms behind each.”

The Nimbus Fintech platform began its journey by offering state of the art blockchain-based tools to its users. Within a year, its products attracted 50,000 users. Now, the organization is taking a step ahead as it has launched a DeFi Platform.

The new Nimbus Platform will be a DAO-governed ecosystem of four innovative decentralized applications (dApps) each with its clear reward generation mechanisms. Nimbus represents a hybrid economy, one that is open to anybody and everybody interested in participation. No matter how much crypto you have or whether you have a bank account or even a phone number.

In order to truly appreciate the launch of the Nimbus Platform and their NBU token, we must look at the entire roadmap that will follow this first functionality release. Two elements unique to Nimbus stand out the most to us. First, the company’s holistic approach of building an entire ecosystem of financial tools in order to eliminate the need for users to transition between different platforms. And second, the fact that most of Nimbus’ solutions combine the best practices of both traditional and decentralized finance, thus opening up unprecedented opportunities for common people.

Unlike many other DeFi projects, Nimbus offerings are based on solutions that have proven to be efficient and sustainable over a long span of time. These are the most lucrative solutions present in the centralized financial world but inaccessible to the masses – such as IPOs, Start-up financing, etc. In this regard, Nimbus will launch a set of four dApps:

  1. The Crowdfunding dApp – With Nimbus’ unique crowdfunding dApp, anyone in this world can partake in the financing of startups carefully picked in two stages – via evaluation criteria similar to that used by top venture capital funds and via Nimbus DAO participants voting. The assets will be automatically distributed based on audited smart contracts to avoid any misappropriation and errors. And most importantly, users with even the smallest crypto sums could see impressive results given the pool mechanics which distribute risks across participants and optimize rewards. All that will be possible after the launch of crowdfunding dApp, which is planned forQT1-QT2 2021.
  2. The IPO Hub dApp – With the unique IPO Hub dApp by Nimbus, you can participate in IPOs with any amount of crypto available to you. Now it’s not only the institutional investors who can enjoy this opportunity. Moreover, thanks to the pool mechanics, risks and rewards are optimized in the same way as for the Crowdfunding dApp. The IPO Hub dApp is planned for launch in QT2-QT3 2021.
  3. The P2P Lending dApp – This dApp uses the best practices of Defi while combining it with the most potent risk management techniques from the traditional financial world. Along with enjoying the previously mentioned benefits of pools, users will be able to choose between several customized P2P lending mechanisms. Those will depend on how much risk each user would like to take, how many assets he/she wants to leverage, and which payback options he/she prefers. Moreover, both lenders and borrowers can experience the convenience of direct matching based on location with the Nimbus P2P Lending dApp scheduled to be launched in QT1 2021.
  4. The Crypto Arbitrage Trading dApp – The Crypto Arbitrage-Trading bot was quite a sensation among users after its launch in 2019. Now, Nimbus takes another step by making it decentralized for enhanced risk mitigation as well as reward optimization with the reformed Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp planned for launch in QT1-QT3 2021.

Nimbus combines the need for sustenance with Decentralized finance, a.k.a. DeFi, which seems to be growing at a phenomenal pace towards becoming the next future of finance. Nimbus DAO ensures that the Platform is co-governed by all members, which not only prevents the concentration of power with a single authority but also catalyzes the final creation of a decentralized and fair economy, where everyone is in charge and everyone is rewarded.

A clear example of Nimbus taking the best measures to protect decentralization and maintain the Platform’s joint authority is the fact that only 10 percent of the Nimbus Governance Tokens shall be reserved for the Nimbus organization. This opens a wider governance channel for all interested participants and grants true Platform control decentralization. The Nimbus governance token is scheduled to be launched in QT1 2021, as outlined within the Nimbus roadmap.

After looking at these deliberations, it is quite clear why so many users were so excited when the Platform utility token, NBU, was launched. NBU grants access to all of these unprecedented crypto opportunities and can be staked in over 10 pools with different reward levels. Indeed, during this first period after the launch, the Platform will contain just a small part of the planned functionality, the enormous community around Nimbus plays it smart and enters the project as early-birds to reap all the benefits. For once all these ground-breaking dApps are up and running, the entire DeFi community shall gather to witness this much-needed merger between traditional finance, digital assets, and DeFi, supplemented by the Nimbus platform. And so far, the numbers look great, as we are already witnessing a market cap of 30 million NBU in just two days, and this is just the beginning.

We look forward to the results as Nimbus’s talented team expands and grows the Platform to the end of the planned roadmap and helps gather real-world use cases and solidify the final seat for DeFi.

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