The Future of Finance Unveiled at the Crypto Invest Summit in L.A.

April 18th, 2018 at 7:23 am UTC · 3 min read

Founders Josef Halom and Alon Goren have put together a spectacular schedule of speakers and events. Presentations from internationally renowned experts will cover topics such as opportunities in crypto-investing, blockchains in e-sports and gaming, how blockchain and AI will revolutionize the future of work, and much, much more.

Those coming to Crypto Investment Summit should bring a stack of business cards and their best ideas, said the founders. Participants can enjoy a wide variety of events designed to bring investors and ideas together. A pitch stage will give ICOs and investors a forum to meet and make deals happen. Participants in the summit also can attend exciting networking parties and other events.  Day Three will conclude with airdrops of free tokens directly to participants’ wallets.

Mr. Holm and Mr. Goren bring a wealth of experience to the rapidly developing fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Mr. Holm helped to pioneer new directions for grassroots funding when he founded Krowdster in 2014. Krowdster combined crowdfunding, software, and advanced analytics techniques to serve over 25,000 clients in only four years.

Mr. Goren also has a deep background in promoting entrepreneurship. As Principal of Wavemaker Genesis, Alon, and his team offer early-stage venture strategy in crypto and blockchain, bridging the gap between venture expertise and crypto leadership. The group, alongside crypto pioneer, Scott Walker, has invested in over 250 companies worldwide, making them some of the most well-connected individuals and thought-leaders in the crypto space.

In addition to supporting digital entrepreneurship, Mr. Holm and Mr. Goren share a goal in helping to educate the public, that’s why they wanted to partner with “While the news media does cover cryptocurrency on the surface, it almost never mentions blockchain,” said Mr. Holm and Mr. Goren.

Crypto Investment Summit serves as an opportunity for everyone interested in a glimpse of the future of finance. Investors, innovators, tech enthusiasts and the media should all take this opportunity to learn about how cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and investment will create opportunities and reshape lives in the coming years.

“Those who have worked hard to make this exciting summit possible want to thank lead sponsor Hedera Hashgraph,” said the organizers. Hedera Hashgraph, they said, represents the future of online transactions, providing a safe and secure platform for negotiation and agreement. Other sponsors include American Airlines, Dream Team, DNA, Genesis Wavemaker Partners, Spice Venture Capital, and Coinspeaker.

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