Game-changing Decentralized Social Media Platform Where Tipping Pays and Every User Earns

March 13th, 2018 at 8:40 am UTC · 3 min read

Tipper: The Social Economy, is creating a world where your post can pay for your morning coffee, or make you a millionaire. Tipper is the ultimate patronage “econosystem” that pays both ways and incentivises ‘tipping.’Tipper transforms the setup for everybody: standard users can now monetise on social media, by having the opportunity to earn on any post, receive ad revenue (all ad revenue on Tipper goes to users). Users can also earn through the revolutionary feature of contest investing; advertisers are freed from fake views, and target users directly with “branded tips”; and content creators are released from random demonetization. Indeed, the future is for the people.

Tipper is creating an “econosystem” where every participant in the social media ecosystem monetizes, through its four foundational pillars:

1) Two-way Incentivized Tipping

2) Content Investing

3) MomentizationTM

4) Branded Tips

Incentivized tipping changes the game, because “likes,” “votes,” and “views” box everyone into the same level of expression, whereas tips are boundless, opening a Pandora’s Box of unprecedented monetisation for people. Tipper not only makes earning on any given post the norm, but now there’s no limit to what you can earn on that post, giving viral a whole new meaning. The more a user stimulates the social economy by tipping, the more opportunities they gain to earn. Tipper will be the world’s first Content Marketplace, with the epoch-making feature of Content Investing, where all users can invest and earn from each other’s content. Branded tips will empowered advertisers to reach the users they want and will be finally free from the plague of fake views and view fraud.

Finally, the fourth pillar of momentizationTM ushers in the era of monetizing big moments. Now, for the first time, moments that bind millions, will earn millions. Life is full of exhilarating moments that we collectively share and celebrate – that game-winning goal, that history-making performance. Tipper is enabling the creators of those moments, and the people who are celebrating them, to monetize on them together by allowing users to tip these moments. For all this to be possible, the technology upon which the platform is based must be able to facilitate micropayments.

Current blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not scalable to real-world commerce needs (both operate at less than 10 transactions/s). Thus, a much higher performance blockchain is required (which can facilitate micropayments), even for current commerce needs. This is even more so for the next level of applications (especially decentralized video, micropayments, tipping, etc.), which require an entirely new, high-performance blockchain protocol.

The Tipper Blockchain Protocol will turn that dream into a reality. Tipper has created technological innovations that will enable true micropayments and open the door to massive scalability, creating the world’s first true blockchain currency of commerce.

The Tipper Blockchain Protocol Features 
250,000+ Microtransactions/s (For YouTube-scale video (data) decentralization)
50,000+ Transactions/s (For Tipping (payments) on the blockchain)
Transaction Level Mining (Breaking the mining pools)
Multi-chain Mining (Scalability)
Host Mining
Quality of Service

With this giant leap in performance, the Tipper Blockchain Protocol is the technological engine underneath the Tipper platform, a revolutionary two-way peer-to-peer support platform that incentivizes every user to monetize as part of a new social media experience.